Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday Photo ~ your thoughts!~

The Chapel of The Holy Cross
Sedona Arizona

Quite possibly one of the most sacred and beautful
places I have ever had the honor of being in and around

May the blessings of this day
and those you love fill you
as I was filled and ever so blessed
in Sedona

Walk In Beauty
with all that is
and has ever been
for all
I give thanks
and so IT IS!



Anonymous said...

So so beautiful. Worth a trip to AZ just to experience that particular spot. To spectacular for words. Is it really that close to the cluds or an optical illusion?

Anonymous said...

one of many beautiful spots I,m sure..
can feel spirit all around this spot
I bet...
does look like you can reach up
and touch the sky...
maybe hitch a ride on a cloud....
I love the rocks and canyons of
Arizona and Colorado... God's country...
sign me,

Irene M said...

Good choice of picture to share.
The Chapel is a holy and magical place.
The spot they picked to build it on, perfect.
Candles lit in there for souls lost.