Sunday, September 12, 2010


Beautfiul Brilliant
Magical moments
to all

As you read this I am
en route to Phoenix Arizona

Great Spirit and all unseen, this day we pray and ask you for guidance, humbly we ask you to help us and remind us to have gentle hearts, restful tongues and to walk the red road to peaceful ways of life, to be aware of the lessons of the past, to have learned well from the Ancestors, the hurts and harms of
because of uncontrolled deceitfulness by humankind, of
those with hate in their eyes and their hearts. 
Help us all to love, not hate one another.

We ask You to be seen in an image of Love and Peace. To remember that we are in possession of two ears and one tongue, to listen so that our tongues do not make us deaf ~

Let us be seen in beauty, to walk in beauty, to honor in integrity the colors of the rainbows the winged ones, the swimmers, crawlers and those great Black Bears with so much to teach and to honor with their ways throughout time.

We respect our Mother Earth, Father Sky, the planet &
 our homelands, those fighting to keep us free, while knowing our orignal HOMEland SECURITY rested with the First Americans...

Hold those who need our holding, we will hold you up those that are in need  with our loving care, from Her soils we receive our nourishment.

Let us not listen to the voices of the two-hearted, the destroyers of mind, spirit and thoughts ~

 We listen to the drum of our heart space ~ our sacred heart beat ~ ~ ~ Wadoh ~


 My friends, Seek visions always of world beauty, not violence or unkind deeds or actions.

We pray for our troops.

 It is our duty to pray always for harmony between man, woman, child, animal and earth, so that the earth will bloom and prosper once more.

Let us show our emblem of love and goodwill for all life and land. STOMP

Pray or cry from your hearts, that all  within us are minds hearts and souls which are clear and pure as ice and mountain streams and creeks flowing that we lay beside and share with the animals and spirits and rocks.

 Pray for the great leaders of nations in the House of Leaders, who in their own quiet or sometimes loud ways help the earth and its people to find and walk in balance around this world of ours.

We pray the Great Sprit that one day our Mother Earth her waters, her winged ones, sea-life, her four-leggeds too will be purified into a healthy peaceful ones, that we find and maintain the balance once again, it was the Ancestors blood that is beneath that very  the soil and runs deeply and feeds and nourishes the grasses.

 Let us Sing for strength of wisdom with all nations for the good of all people.

Our hope is not yet lost, purification and trusting must be to restore the health of our Mother Earth for lasting peace and happiness, Wado, wopila
for all our relations ~
For this I give thanks, and
so IT IS ~
The fire is burning brightly with thoughts of healing on the winds to all ~  you know who you are, and you know that I am blessed by you being here ~ Hold each other up... Chooose embrace the light

Walk In Beauty,
Healing Heartaches,
Stories of Loss and LIfe


Irene M said...


Safe travels to you, Dr. SES, as you fly to
the magnificent state of A Z. My true love is

Happy Sunday to all, I will be with family. said...

wow-you even blog from the wild blue yonder ? I thought we all agreed you were taking Sundays off ? have a great week !

Cathy Madden said...

I know I thought we agreed the same thing. Although the prayer was awesome and I felt the love and passion and surrender. May you have peace in your journey and impart wisdom to those who are there to hear. Hey Irene, have a great day with your family. Hope your are feeling strong today.

Vicki said...

Have a wonderful time Sherry!!!

Anonymous said...

what a tremendously awesome
wickedcool picture.... love the blog !
Peace... may the angels accompany you in all
their glory !
sign me.