Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Gathering Round The Fire

Kelly TwoWolves arrived in Tampa yesterday, and I was just thrilled to see my "sissy"... Timing and spirits were high and dancing as I pulled into the open space at Tampa International Airport, was greeted by one of the Police there that I had known from so many travels, and hopped out of my car... Just as I was texting to let her know where I was I hear a voice "Sissy" and look to see her walking out the door toward me with a smile that lit up the day! Talk about timing; it was just fantastic as we embraced like two little kids right there and laughed like crazy with joy not knowing how many had passed us with a smile on their face or greeted their own people in the process before finally throwing her bags in the car! My pal the policeman of the airport just grinned and waved as we drove off toward home, yes she was here. Kelly TwoWolves of South Dakota who has been most recently in CT, now here to visit this week! Color us happy about that. We talked and laughed as if we had just seen each other the day before, looking at sights on the way home with her wanting to know why our beautiful Tampa bay was not beautiful blue in color on a hazy day yet she enjoyed each bird that flew, each wind that caressed her face.
We had a grand day and she never got a nap although she had been up since 4am! I fired up the hot tub and we enjoyed watching her move from hot tub to pool, cold to hot and we even feared she may sleep "on the water" as we wondered how we would check on her or cover her with a blanket.
The sage filled the air as evening came and we prayed, she sang, the blessing of our time together and our home was led by her gifts and her beauty. We knew the Ancestors were here, that Granny was here and so many spirits were here and we are so blessed.
We sat around the fire, we gave and offered prayers in healing in hope in togetherness to Creator, as one for another together and it was good for all our relations.
And so it is !

Today is 10-10 and we are all blessed, all walking in beauty all dancing to the beat of one drum united in the breath that is carried on the winds...

It is a day to celebrate our unique individualism and greater good for all in those random acts of kindness and mindful purpose of love and care. It begins within, that light that burns brightly that is fed by the actions and steps that are yours to make in truth, honor and integrity.

And did you know?
Today is ANGEL FOOD CAKE DAY, it's bout time the angels get a day, and food is one way to get them the recognition that they know will turn heads yet be light as folks enjoy the goodness of a treat!

It is also World Mental Health Day; great day to take off work for your "mental health" I'm thinkin...

Whatever you do, wherever you are... make it shine...

Walk in beauty,


fluff said...

Hello Dr. Sherry and Kelly Two Wolves also. Your words of joy this morning has made me weepy, here at work, with happiness for you both. I so long to someday meet you in person as I know our spirits would rejoice together in that time Dr. Sherry. Your touching words, the deep love, and dedication to each other as Sisters, as Friends, touch my heart this day. Your prayers, wisdom and love just lifts me up thinking of the time you two had together last night and over the next few days will be awesome, amazing and rich with love, joy and spirit together. The picture of her is so very beautiful and touching that I can see a gentle and strong spirit within, full of wisdom and compassion. I pray that your time together will be just grand, spiritual and prayerful. Take care Dr. Sherry and Kelly Two Wolves. Have a wonderful day and I look forward to hearing about your time together. Remember me in your prayers.

Sure is busy this week for me here at work. Trying to keep things going smooth and quite for the next few hours of my day here. Just to let you know Dr. Sherry you mentioned about praying we would have adoptions at the shelter. We had 5 cats and one dog adopted over Monday and Tuesday so we are very happy. Also, my good friend's indoor black cat got out last Thursday night. She was heart sick and all of us have searched inside and out, up and down the neighborhood, blasting facebook and lifting "Chewy" in our prayers that he would be found safe and well. She left her back door open again last night and went to look before bed time and there he sat waiting to go in. She lte him in, he ate, drank and curled up on her lap and went to sleep like he never left. We are grateful and thankful in many ways.

Sending hugs and love your way to both of you. /Sandy♥

Dot/Mom/Cob said...

Hello to two beautiful ladies. Picture of Kelly twowolves was fantastic. I can hear you now going full speed ahead with the words of wisdom, laughter and crying. That is a wonderful time, jumping in the hot tub, and then into the cold pool. It is chilly here in Va. but promises to be warmer later in the day. I have been to aerobatics and swimming class and reaching out for a beautiful day. Thanks for all the wisdom., prayers and love coming thru for all of us. Have a wonderful day and week with your Sissy. Blessings to all