Wednesday, October 31, 2012

From Hurricane Sandy to HALLOWEEN ...

Happy Halloween
as millions are still without power, as the clean up has begun and we hear stories of resiliency amid the sadness
many around the world are gearing up for the eve of fright nights and going door to door with bags in hand and hope of a great yield of candies and goodies while
Tricks and Treats are on the minds of kids and adults alike!
Punkins, Candy Corn, and hay bales oh my,
while folks in retail are just giddy with the cash registers rolling *they do not have cash registers anymore do they*
and Christmas is being seen on shelves.
Kids are at schools thinking of hitting the malls and filling bags with sugar, sort of like giving away an expresso and a free puppy to unattended children in shops it seems
let them loose with that bag for a couple of hours...
Oh it is a day, and to be a night!
the joys to be had.
And yet while this is the time of
Halloween, the time where so many little ones will be excited and joyous for the costumes
there are as many grown-ups who are planning a night of celebrations in homes and in the bars, dressing and planning to be all those we now see on the campaign trails as costumes are being sold out across the lands!
 It is quite the industry where Halloween stores and costume stores take to those store fronts for the months prior to and this day, in order to satisfy the needs of those who love this celebration.
It's been reported that Americans will spend $3 billion on costumes this year, a year where our economy is not the best yet they will dress as Batman, both kids and adults alike!
The 4-leggeds are no exception as humans will dress them up and parade them around like no ones business! Oh yes, I am certain that they are saying in their own special language
"Karma is coming just you wait" 
as they waddle and strut their stuff in "tu-tus, and hot dog rolls" looking so cute!
What people do!!!
is what owners of pets do, to dress up those 4 leggeds for holidays!
NOW I would not kid you 
that is "trick or TREAT"
for ya on this halloween!
Bet those two are just as happy as can be and real popular in the neighborhood with their other 4 leggeds!
As for me?
I think I'll just look like me and go somewhere for dinner, it's easier on the 4 leggeds to not hear a doorbell and so much easier on my nerves to not open the door to a 6'4" kid holding a pillow sack and looking at me... as I wonder if he wants me to just empty my fridg in there. (*can't help but wonder why he is not working rather than standing at my door)*
Yep it's dinner out and lights out here, have to think of the little ones and their hatred of that door bell.!!!
But oh the costumes that will be seen;     
Many as witches *(the standard you know) as vampires, princesses, as the currents and long time favorites...
Many as our President and others as Mitt; probably each knowing and friends with the other under those masks as they share cocktails and good times!
It was reported that 10 million adults plan to go out as a witch tonight; wonder if they be good or bad?
Ah the good times will roll I am certain, 
and yet, hearts will continue to surround those who have just gone through the
Frankein-STein Storm Sandy on the NorthEast of our lands
and those who are still without power, without food and struggling to find their way, and they may have already eaten the candy that was bought for this night as they have by now forgotten it was for Halloween.
It is the last day of October
and getting very close to that day where the votes will be cast for our President and the hope that it is all above board and as it should be.
Who would have ever thought that with technology and high powered abilities that it would be so complex, so difficult to assure that our freedoms and rights are not corrupted by companies and those who count.
Who could have ever imagined that a candidates son could buy a company who is responsible for voting somewhere out west?
Who could have imagined that things could be the way they are and that common sense would become a rarity in our lives and those we know.
And yet, the world continues to spin, life goes on and through tragedy, the sun shines today, the rainbow that was seen over Manhattan after such a fury of a storm gave hope to millions that the worst was over, that while many have died from Mother Natures wrath, there is still hope.
And for today, while many are preparing to get their party on, their new faces and dresses and costumes on to be the super hero, the alter-ego of the night on,
many will continue to struggle, will find themselves still shell shocked over events that are leaving them standing still.
The world will move at a pace that many others feel they cannot keep up with for a while, yet they will find their balance in time.
Today, please join me in sending your thoughts and prayers to
Nina in Wisconsin; whose husband Bob has died last night after a week of being unresponsive in a hospital out there. Bob and Nina went to a Walmart last Thursday where he suffered a fall; he was taken by ambulance as she followed in her car, Bob was a lovely man who never regained consciousness in the ambulance and died surrounded by his beloved wife Nina and family last night.
They were dear friends of Sandy and Stuart here next door and due to arrive here this Friday for Stone Crabs and a great visit.
Please join me in your thoughts and prayers for this family and the sudden loss of a lovely and much loved man.
Our hearts are with you.
Be safe out there dear ones, have a marvelous last day of October, and remember their will be a lot of folks out and about tonight.
Remember to call for a cab, should you have a few brews on a night of dressing up in those costumes that take over your reasoning.
Prayers going up for those UP NORTH
and for just everyone
as we know and remember
Life is fragile, it is so very precious.
Walk in Beauty


oshkosh said...

Prayers for that family. What a blow. Another reminder to enjoy life, and to pass along whatever services we can offer to those who are in need. They have my prayers.

fluff said...

Hello Dr. Sherry and Friends, really late tonight. Very busy day! Yes, October 31, the last day of our birth month Dr. Sherry. Lots of activity and events for the month. Holding Nina and family in Wisconsin in prayers at the loss of her husband Bob. So sorry to hear this of friends of Sandy and Stuart.

Yes, Halloween going on out there everywhere. I did the same thing, went to my Sis' home for a while and then came home quietly and did not turn my porch light on. Not many kiddies out though. It is pretty chilly here in the 30s and drizzly rain. I did not expect a lot of the youngsters and did not want to open the door to the big kids/teens who come by begging for candy.
Still holding those in prayers who were touched by the devastating storm.

Take care friends and have a peaceful evening. /Sandy♥

Hunter Tang said...

Prayers for that family. What a blow. Another reminder to enjoy life, and to pass along whatever services we can offer to those who are in need. They have my prayers.