Thursday, October 25, 2012

October 25 on this Day!

The birthday wishes started early; the songs, the texts, the emails, the cards... I am honored and touched by all... This is #1 Godson and Mom/Dot/Cob in the photo and oh aren't they just ready to sing it loud and colorful here... oh my goodness!
The first call of the morning was from Kamryn this day and in the background was his Mom singing Happy Birthday, until he rescued both our ears by telling her "enough Mom, it's ok"! I laughed and laughed while thanking him for saving us... He is one funny little guy to be certain as he was on his way to school and wishing me a great birthday and letting me know that today he would be learning something on my day. He was ready to "rise and grind" and oh my how good it was to hear from him!
 Just as my ears were easing from the birthday song, the phone rang again, and it was from our warrior here Laura Roorda, who launched into a version of "Happy Birthday" on her way to hospice... I do believe the traffic affected her voice as she went on and got herself tickled in the process of the sound of her own voice mixing with traffic! I laughed so hard I think I bruised something... Her love and great wishes for the day were not lost although I do believe that something happened to her voice overnight, but she assured me she hadn't been inhaling helium and just had not had enough coffee yet ~ ~ ~
 Oh the love and heartfelt wishes of those who love you are wonderful and fill the soul! I have already laughed so much my face is hurting... And the day is just beginning; now that is what I call a day!
I've recieved such beautiful texts, messages on Facebook, in emails and cards... Been told to look for that flower delivery truck to arrive with mountain lilies and white roses by the bushels... and yes it is a day to be joyous.
It is also a day to give great thanks to the Creator for this life, and all those that I have known along the journey. It is true that folks and experiences come along for reasons, seasons and lifetimes or for brief times... each with lessons, with reminders of things that will leave us stronger even if they bring us to our knees from time to time.  It is a beautiful life, one that is filled with wonder, always learning, growing and expanding into light and through storms of life.

On this day so many things have happened over time, so many have celebrated, have mourned, have been born and have died, and have survived.

The first hurricane made landfall here in Tarpon Springs on this day long long ago in 1921... on this day!

Postcards were first used in the U.S on this day in the 1800's on this day!

The first microwave oven was sold on this day in 1955!

Anti-Kennedy "Wanted for Treason" signs were distributed in Texas on this day in 1965!

And on this day, Minnie Pearl was born, and shares our birthday with Picasso and Katie Perry along with others!

And we all share this day with the Universal Energy of all, and in my way of thinking it just doesn't get any better than that!

I am ... because WE are.

ON this day, 
I thank YOU

Walk in Beauty,


fluff said...

Oh No Dr. Sherry, I was a day early so I am going to repeat my day early wishes for you and hope that you did not see it yesterday. I love that you received early calls of birthday wishes. My voice is not a singing one either. Have a wonderful times celebrating your very special day and know how much you are loved and thought about daily.

It's Your Birthday ☺ Yes ☺
It's Your Birthday ☺ Yes ☺
♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥
Happy Birthday ♪ to You ♫
Happy Birthday ♪ to You ♫
Happy Birthday ♪ Dr. Sheryeee....
Happy Birthday ♪ to You ♫ to Youuu.....♫ Okay, make a wish today and blow out those candles ☺♥☺

Wishing you the Best of Birthdays and I Pray that this day will be so very special as you are so very special and so much loved. Thank you and Bless you for all you are and all you do. Thank you for Keeping It Real and sharing your heart and uplifting words.
Sending you love and warm hugs for this day - Your own very special day. I hope you have the biggest and bestest Birthday Cake and Ice Cream to topit all off just for you!

Much Love and Hugs for you /Sandy♥

Anonymous said...

ditto that great song sent by Dandy/Fluff ... and FOR SURE you
do not want me singing in your ear as
you would then be laid out flat with a migraine ...
It is no wonder to understand why you
would redeive so much love and happy day wishes on your birthday ...
as we all know that Karma bus.. and you are always the first in line to
extend your hand and your heart to
others.. unconditionallly and always
unselfishly.. for being you,, a true wonder of this world and the finest example of humanity I have ever been blessed to know !!
So set my words to a tune in your heart, and accept the wishes of my entire family for a most splendid and
happy heart day. You are loved.
sign me, hugging my angels,
♥ A.

oshkosh said...

Well---ditto you both, Sandy and sign me A-- "The finest example of humanity" could not have been said any better.

A gift to the world you are, DRSES, and whatever gifts you receive today, or any day, do not compare to what you give to others EVERY day. A rare commodity in this day and age--well hell---I'll just say it---YOU are a rare commodity in ANY day and age---and I have had a few ages to base my FACTS on. (HA) A MOST WONDERFUL birthday to you, and "I" am the one who is the most blessed, because "you are now my friend"....this year for your birthday I can send my regards. Missed all the other birthdays--did not know you then. (IASPAT). Sooooo without any reflection on my mama, YOU are "SIMPLY THE BEST"....