Thursday, October 18, 2012

Save the Pecs!

Spread the awareness
share the word
Check yourselves
Many men and women alike may be surprised to learn that men are not  given a pass on breast cancer.
It can and does happen to men as well, and usually presents itself between the ages of 60-70 years old,
however it is never to soon to check yourselves.
The best way to learn is "word of mouth", to spread the news and to let men know that they are not free from this disease and its threats.
Approximately 2,000 males are diagnosed each year of Breast Cancer and more than 450 die from this disease each year.
MEN pay attention and whether or not you flex your pecs, be sure and check yourselves.

Male Breast Cancer Risk Factors

Any man can develop male breast cancer. Factors that may increase risk include:
  • Age:  Male breast cancer is most common among men age 60–70.
    Alcohol: Excessive consumption of alcohol may increase risk.
  • Exposure to radiation:  Men who have undergone radiation treatment to the chest, such as for the treatment of cancer, are more likely to develop breast cancer.
  • High estrogen levels:  Having a disease connected to increased amounts of estrogen in the body, such as cirrhosis or Klinefelter syndrome (a genetic disorder).
  • Family history:  Having several female relatives who have had breast cancer, especially those with a mutation of the BRCA2 gene.
  • Weight: Men who are obese may be at greater risk for male breast cancer. Fat cells convert the male hormone androgen into the female hormone estrogen, which may lead to an increased amount of estrogen in the body, possibly triggering breast cancer. 
If you have several male breast cancer risk factors, talk with your doctor to ensure he or she can monitor your health appropriately.
[Taken from the Cancer Treatment Studies of America pages]
Real Men wear PINK
they also check themselves to be sure that they are in great shape, that they are taking care of self with care, with preventative care and screenings, yes that means
Breast, colon, prostate exams.
All those things that seem embarassing
But take heart men,
at least you do not have to go through the squeezing of the mammograms for your most private of parts, and I am certain that will be a relief, yet you will never really know just what a relief it really is!
 ^ Nuff said ^
 ~ ~
As Breast Cancer Awareness Month continues
and we find more and more places are willing to provide mammograms for free or reduced rates; it is time to be proactive.
To step up and take control of your health and well-being while spreading the word to others to schedule those annual check-ups
The John W. Nick Foundation was created in memory of a man who died at 58 years old of Breast Cancer in 1991.
He was ignored by his physician it seems back then in a state where Breast Cancer was rampant in women in Long Island NY, yet little was known of men then; his daughter and wife and son began this foundation to honor him, to remember him and to create awareness of the very reality of Men and Breast Cancer in 1995.
John Nick, his family and physician did not know then... they did not realize the family history and its impact on men.
We've come a long way in this fight and war on Breast Cancer.
Spread the story, tell all you know
to self check, to talk to their physicians and to make their family histories known.
To continue the conversations until they are heard by physicians even if it means finding a physician that "gets it".
Breast Cancer nor any Cancer discriminates
against age, gender, political views or even those with great love and behavior.

 Warrriors are 
    remarkable and beautiful
and together we stand with and for them

Walk in Beauty

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fluff said...

Hello Dr. Sherry, Thank you for the gentle reminder to the men out there. Indeed, breast cancer is a terrible disease that can also affect men. It is so important to do those checks. So, wives and girl friends, be sure to remind that special one to check often.

Thank you for the song Dr. Sherry. Just a quick hello today. We are running a trauma course at work and I am taking a quick little break. So nice to see "Sign Me A" message yesterday. Miss you very much and you are in my prayers.

Take care friends, have a Tremendous Thursday and count those Blessings. /Sandy♥