Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Super Storm Sandy; the aftermath

A double rainbow made its mark in Manhattan, symbolizing the Hurricane Sandy turned SuperStorm of 2012 was over.
A profound photograph captured at just the right moment, representing so much to so many I am sure, as now the storm of the year has ended, the assessments have begun and disaster relief is there for so many who are sitting stunned and traumatized over a one thousand mile radius where this storm has devastated so many.
True that is, storms never last ... do they?
Yet the teams of experts and those who lead their cities were all over it, as they let their communities and residents know to batten down the hatches, to leave their homes, and to seek safety. I still want to know, where did they all go?
No one has yet to say where they all evacuated to, and I just have to wonder with a storm of such magnitude, exactly where did they all go to? I never saw the roads filled with cars, with lines of people or heard of hotels and motels being booked to the hilt and turning folks away as rooms were booked and still have to wonder where did these millions of residents flee to...
I pray them safety, I pray them strength for the many and varied things that now must be done in the efforts to rebuild and to restore.
 As we watched the news from the Hurricane state of Florida, the sun was shining and the winds had picked up here on the Gulf side; yet we were amazed to see the fury of the Atlantic and the calls from those in the weather rooms and mayors saying for their communites to GET OUT, to seek safety and to not put first responders in harms way later.
We then watched as the Mayor of NJ and NY said it is now too late, and told people to stay put, to find a place any place and wait it out; to place a white sheet outside the window to indicate the need for help and to not flood 911 with unescessary calls. We watched as the storms path widened to include states that we could not imagine and the width expand with fury and speed, and we lit the fire and held all in prayer as we listened and waited for calls from those we care for.
Social media sites were active with photos and with short posts from folks letting us know that they were ok, or without power, or seeking shelter in basements or on second floors of homes, or having to evacuate for safety.
I still don't know where they all went!
We watched the water rise in Manhattan, on Long Island, in Atlantic City
and we heard that Romney was campaigning in Ohio and seeking votes during a time of such fright for so many and a time our President was working to be on the ready to dispatch needed resources for and about those in need.
And yes of course, it will be a time where
the opponent in a political race will take advantage, will take stabs, jabs and try to take advantage; once again showing us his true colors as our brothers and sisters are in harms way of a disaster, he is on the trail of self promotion while attacking our sitting Commander in Chief.
Romney the man who said that Federal Disaster Aide is immoral; as Hurricane Sandy is devastating millions.

Just great, another reason to be scared as we approach the polls and first responders are working night and day around the clock responding to the need in so many states, for so many individuals who now stand in the aftermath of trauma, shock and loss.
This has been a "Frankein-Storm" to be certain, and one that has dumped record rain/snow in places from the coast lines to West Virginia here on the 30th of October, claiming lives in the Caribbean and Haiti, and the lives of a first responder as they were on the road to respond.
In CT, someone used to have a trampoline, yet forgot to tie it down, imagine all the many things lost, the people who could not fathom tying things down and just could not imagine that such a storm could or would hit their beloved homes in places that have never known such as this?
From CT: 
 A trampoline now living in the power lines
and remember seeing that crane that someone in NY forgot to take down now precariously hanging by a cable between million dollar condos in NYC?
Oh boy bet someone will have hell to pay on that one when it is all said and done.
But for today,
the rainbow calls for hope, for strength, for knowing that for right now it is done,
Mother Ocean and this full moon have collided with the cold front of 2012 and we have witnessed fury and a fierce storm that will go down in the record books.
Yet, the clean up will be done on what is seen; what we will know and what has been precious and lost for so many people who are still without power across the lands, people who are cold out there where more than 2 feet of snow has fallen and are bundled up counting their many blessings today, many who are grieving and are wondering how/why/if.
there will be trauma that is unseen, clean up that will not be done immediately and for many more, things that will not be known.
That is the trauma that is within and that will be hard to deal with after this super-storm known as Hurricane Sandy.
Those that will now know "post-traumatic stress" secondary to this and will need to find ways to express those fears/reactions/losses as they too will need to find a way to clean within. It will be as crucial to find ways to attend to them as it is to attend to the needs of the cities and country areas yet often those that find themselves so very harmed within will not know who to turn to, nor what to do.
The Red Cross is busy now, their disaster teams are out in force, they may just be the first step to finding help for those who now feel they are having trouble sleeping, are needing support.
We must find ways to extend to our brothers and sisters; we are all connected.
For all that were in the path, all that have been glued to the T.V. in empathy, in honoring in disbelief,
please take care of yourselves, and know that this has been and does impact you.
As Americans, as people around the world we are connected by the Universal Thread of crisis and we Stand United in caring during crisis, in hope in healing ways.
Our thoughts and prayers are with all those who are affected by Hurricane Sandy
and the Super-Storm of October 2012
May you know find the rainbow of

Walk in Beauty


fluff said...

Thank you Dr. Sherry for your words. Prayers for all those, both human and animal, who have been touched by the desruction of such a powerful and devestating storm.

Take care friends. /Sandy♥

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