Friday, October 19, 2012

In Each House

In each house, there is something going on today, in every room there is energy, or memories or happening that have or are happening. In each person, there is something going on right here and now that either is new, exciting, happy, sad, or a loop that continues to play out with thoughts or words that take up energy, time and echos in the brain and in the words of someone. In each of us we sit with so many decisions and choices that we could easily fill all the rooms of that house in the picture and the fields that may surround it, once we stop and think about it.
We each have to take the time every so often to clean house, to move the cobwebs in our thoughts and even sometimes to get rid of those things that just sit around gathering dust but no longer serve us well! Often we hear of folks saying they do spring cleaning, they do fall follow-up preparing for long winters and projects that can be done inside homes, inside closets and things that will make things better. Yet I've also heard some say they would like to be able to lift their homes and tip them on their side just emptying everything out, and doing it all in one fell swoop to start anew! I've often wondered if perhaps we should try that with out thoughts, our minds to open them to newness to a clearing and cleaning these days, and to just purge and set ourselves free of all that we have had to take on from the energy of what we hear and read and are exposed to.
Visuals are powerful and can do wonders as we listen to the messages we give, notice where we feel our bodies clinch and tense as we hear and as we speak our words and thoughts to others. At times in "our house" our bodies we store things that no longer serve us well, but have become things that we just do or say; we get lost in thoughts of old ways of doing and absorbing, somehow thinking that our way is the best way, our story the only story, and forgetting that the story we are telling is not the only story that there is, or that story is just that; a story. We are not the story unless we choose to be stuck in it. We care constantly moving, growing and changing with each breath, each day, learning and moving into newness and wonder. Yes our house that we call our bodies, or our homes may stay the same, but how we arrange the furniture, paint the walls within, or feed the fire that is within us is indeed up to us.
WE must be reminded that the only limit to our desire and doing is our imaginations; and adults need to imagine more and stress less.
I have been told often as I watch Olivia grow into a teen to "think 12 Nana" just think 12 when I ask how she is, how she thinks, what she is doing.  I realized that is harder than it sounds although I am a kid most of the time in my heart; but this kid was not a kid of technology and a kid of these days and times! So it is still a stretch at times, but sage advise from Joan. We need to think more as kids; where time is fluid, dreams are large, and these kids of today do not know "hate/judgment" yet.  They could care less if all the clothes are neatly folded and the laundry is in a bag or in a corner in a heap. These kids do not see color, do not engage in smut campaigns of politicians and assault each other on Facebook with venom as adults do. Yes there are those who bully and are bullied, but guess what?  So are adults in the workplace; in high tech postions across the lands, in health care and hospices across the lands and in nursing homes adults are bullied.  We must stop this madness before another life is lost to it.
Yes it is time to get our houses, each house in order. Those houses we live in, and those bodies that are home to our hearts and souls.
In this most beautiful month of October that I call the "gathering season" is a great time to work your plan, to realize that you will probably be working on YOU more than another yet showing your compassion yet often on another page than the one you are with and that is ok. It is a time for cleaning house, internally and where you live, a time to gather resources for the coming cold months and restoring YOU with faith, hope, compassion and love to stoke the fire within so that it burns brightly through the coming months and into the new year brighter than ever before
It is your time, your choices to move forward and gather what is dear to you and not become the stories, but to have the courage to step out of the loop and into the newness of YOU ... we often have to honor what was, in order to let go of what is no longer needed and move on to wonderment and the hope of now with faith that those times are no longer in the now as we gather our resources and our strength for what is to come.  May you find what you need to get where you are going as we embrace what is now.
In each house we make our home ... within.

 Walk in Beauty,


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fluff said...

Thank you Dr. Sherry, indeed lots of housecleaning that needs to be done for me for sure. Good words today. Another busy day for me winding down our trauma course. Lots to do! Looks pretty out but is cold in the 50s. I hope it is pretty and the sun is shining bright where you are. Take care friends and have a fantastic Friday and a wonderful weekent! /Sandy♥