Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mammograms... Get them!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Yes Yes and Yes
it is time for those annual reminders,
it is time for those
"booby squeeze" machines
to check us out and time
to look around for the best prices if price and insurance is a concern in these times where insurance is hard to find or letting you down.
I swear those machines were designed by men as they are just about as uncomfortable and awkward as can be
as we turn, stand on tiptoes and feel the crush.
It is amazing how men can get so excited over this thing called breasts that sit on women's chests 
especially if they could see what is seen on mammograms I'm thinkin!
Wonder if they would ramp up on the respect meter if there was something like that for men to check them as well?
Notice the only one smiling here is the one in the white coat with her breasts comfortably covered and away from the machine?
Yep I noticed that as well.
Mammograms are essential to prevention, and prevention is key to the battle in Breast Cancer!
As we stand together this month in our awareness and remember those who fought the fight,
those who are now fighting,
those who are warriors in a battle that must be cured.
Research that continues and needs to ramp it up to destroy the threat
while honoring those who have died from this horrid disease.
 Early detection is key to survival
and although many will not argue the benefit of mammograms it still seems that
awareness is key to survival for all.
Preventative care still beats
a diagnosis and mastectomies still seem to be favored among many than treatments that can kill or failed attempts at curing what is brewing it seems.
The National Cancer Institute recommends women 40-70 have a mammogram yearly, and I think they probably know what they are talking about.
Many lives have been forever changed by those without insurance, or those who fail to get annual exams, those who do not do self-exams or even those who "poo-poo" the whole idea.
I've found that many radiology places now are the benefactors of funding set up to provide free or affordable mammograms across the country for women to have access, appointments to get those vital mammograms with or without a written prescription from their doctors!
Oh yes, that brings me to a story...
A dear friend decided to take advantage of a mammogram and the appointment was set after not having one in several years.
Then she even went so far as to call her physician to request a "script" for it as well, only to receive a call back from her lady doc's office saying these words:
"You haven't been seen by the doctor in over a year dear, so she won't write the script until she sees you to examine your breasts first"!
I felt my blood pressure going up as I heard this story, yet remained calm in my attempts to understand how a physician who was also a woman could possibly think that her laying her hands on a persons breasts could possibly trump a mammogram on a person who happens to be so healthy she has not needed to see her physician in over a year!
this person has now found an established place and the time to take advantage of a mammogram for prevention and care for herself and only wanted a prescription from her provider.
What are people thinking?
Rose Radiology does not need a prescription from the physician to offer annual mammograms that they are now doing for the women of the community.
For those in Pinellas County
Rose Radiology
is providing mammograms during
Breast Cancer Month
in Palm Harbor Florida.
Check your communities
call around
Schedule your mammograms
and remind your physicians of their first rule of practice
Yes I will freely admit a physicians hands and your hands are grand
However they are not
the high tech of a mammogram squeeze machine that yields those films that are then viewed by the skilled eye
of a physician on the inside of your breasts.
Now that we've attended to that,
I'd like to share some exciting news:
I have been nominated for the 
and I was just tickled and honored and absolutely thrilled!
Please visit this link to vote and leave a comment today, as it is now the votes and comments that will select the winner
of this contest!
I have been singing
"this little light of mine" since learning of this last night!
Together folks as I've told you for so long
we will "outshine the sun"!
I thank you for your support
and the love!

Shine on
Walk in Beauty


fluff said...

Thank you Dr. Sherry for your words of truth and encouragement for those who may not have gotten their mammorgrams yet this year or perhaps for some time. Please friends, make that appointment today. After watching my two dear best friends go through breast cancer and metastatic cancer with so many treatments I don't want to put it off. Just 4 years ago I also had a huge scare. I had my mammo as usual and was notified the next day to come back for an ultrasound as they had found something! I went back and, met with the head rdiologist who performed the procedure. I was weepy and scared. He insisted that I see my surgeon right away as I had also had ovarian cancer in the past and through a miracle I was good. When they said I had a lump that needed to be removed urgently I was terrified. Thankfully, all was good and it was benign. Had I not gone for the mammo would it have remained good? I don't know but it was better to be safe and informed.
Prayers today for our friends who have gone through such a time in life.
Take care friend, and have a wonderful day. /Sandy♥

fluff said...

Dr. Sherry, I was distracted this morning and did not get to finish my thoughts. I wanted to say congratulations to the honor of you receiving the Yahoo WOMEN WHO SHINE Award. That is awesome as you are awesome. What an Honor that is!

Also loved the little music video. I loved hearing him sing in the other videos you have posted. It lifted my busy morning and made me smile. Have a terrific afternoon. /Sandy♥

Dot/Mom/Cob said...

Thank you for the reminder of mammogram squeeze time. I had mine last Nov. by the most wonderful Dr. in the world in Northern Virginia. I was priviledged to know a wonderful Dr. who let me sit in his office and talk and then watch him check the mammogram from 3 years previous and the one of the day. He told me all about what he was looking for and was a wonderful Dr. and Man. He taught Dr. compassionate and how to treat the patients at the Pentagon. It was my 17th. visit with Dr. Sharma. Dr. SES was also his patient when she lived in Northern Virginia. I kept going to him as I admired him as a Dr. and a dear man. Two weeks after I had my mammogram while I was not at home I got a message from his dear right hand person named Karen who had worked with him all of the years I had been going to him. She simply said Dorothy please call me. My stomach went to my toes as I thought Oh no, something has happened to my dear doctor. I frantically called Karen and she was sobbing our dear doctor and friend had died suddenly alone with his cell phone in his hand. He had not been sick or upset with anything, he died of a massive heart attack. It is so hard to get over someone so dear. A year has passed and I am thinking what am I going to do??? I called Karen and she assured me I would like the new Doctor. I said I dont know if I can come back with dear Dr. Sharma gone. She said Dorothy I am still here and Dr. would want you to come back. I made the appt. and will go back in Nov. it will be difficult as I miss him very much. She said 99% of his patients is coming back. I always stay a couple of days with my friend I grew up with and her health as been real bad for a long time. She has emailed to make sure I will come to stay with her as she cannot travel anymore. God Bless all of the ones who have had surgery and I hope they have recovered well. Thanks for This Little Light of Mine. Brings back lots of memories. Prayers for all and thanks to DRSES and I hope her light will shine and I know it will be real bright. Blessings