Saturday, October 6, 2012

Thunder, Lightning, RAIN, and...

A Healing Frog jumped on the window in the middle of it all as I sat hearing it all last night!  I noticed movement on the glass, and wouldn't ya just know it... it was the long leg grasping onto the glass as this one let me know of its presence during one huge deluge of rain last night.  Lightning that was quite impressive on the backs of the Thunder Beings that at one point shook the house and I even heard the vase in a window move against the glass wondering "what in the world was that" and could feel spirits here just having a grand ole' time. And then said, "ohhh my it is raining frogs out there" to the 4 leggeds that were barking at the whole thing, when out of my eye I saw movement against the window! Wow, look at the size of that foot on frog and those eyes...
 The good news it that this one came long after the 5pm rush hour of the day before, where commuters were slowed down, wrecks and sirens could be heard all over, and the skies darkened over Tampa Bay. Hopefully most were safely tucked in their homes here and around the lands where I now hear there is cold weather, in some places the first snows are on the ground or headed that way!  Here, this is shaping up to a grand day, the sun and blue skies are already being seen.  I've looked for frog this morning, and yet think it hiding and finally getting some sleep after the storm.

October 6th
this day is known as
Come and Take it Day: This is a day for the taking! It originated in Texas and it's a day to just go out and take it, it's yours! I like the idea, the message behind it... It's a "take it and run with it day"!

It's also:
International Frugal Fun Day: A day to do fun and inexpensive things! This should be a great day to get out there or even stay home and just dedicate your day to F U N... and certainly ties in to the celebratory message and day of come and take it doesn't it?

Again, if you are out, you may just see folks celebrating and join in as it is

Mad Hatters Day dedicated to silliness while donning your top hat!
Ah, October as the leaves are falling and the punkins are getting full. We are heightening awareness for Breast Cancer, Lupus, and so many things, and still must remember to gather our resources on fun, on faith, on hope and just plain out wonderment.

Now back to FROG: frog has great healing energy and it is goes back long long time in the knowing around the fire that Frog is the messenger of spiritual energy. A peace loving and magical yet emotional  healer.  This little one who jumps and swims represents transformation through water and on land and holds great medicine as they hold the power of both in connection.  Water has long been known for its cleansing and healing properties. Mud; the combination of earth and water is often used in healing therapies across the world today. Many will take themselves to beaches and plunge into pools not consciously knowing why, or into showers just to wash it all away when needing cleansing today, or go into sweat lodges to pray and purify and cleanse while receiving spirit and riding the body of toxins. 
Frog is a metamorphosis of transformation, a messenger from spirit. A visit from Frog, often signifies the awakening of ones creativity. When Frog leaps into a persons life it is an invitation to jump into their creative power, to welcome the healing presence and to give thanks as you look at transformation, healing and movement. 
Frog is a strong totem, a healing totem.
When I say, "it's raining frogs" I'm so very blessed and oh boy is it the truth!  Frog loves to just hang out here, and stare in the windows during times of rain at night...
For that I give thanks, and so it is!
Hope you enjoy another view of frog as you visit the shine page to vote and share with others as well this weekend on "women who shine" our numbers are rising and we need to continue to get those votes in! Thanks friends.
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Walk in Beauty,



fluff said...

Hi Dr. Sherry, you were telling the truth the other day when you said "it is raining frogs." It was raining cats and dogs yesterday and most of the night and is it cold here in SE Michigan. Only 43° at this time and not supposed to get past the 50s today. Loved the message and words today and all the things I had not heard before.

Just a quick hello - on my way to the shelter and praying for adoptions today. One dog yesterday, one dog planned for today but we need cats adopted now! We are at a dangerous full level. Take care Dr. Sherry and friends. Happy Saturday to you all and I hope it is a fun and playful day for you. /Sandy♥

oshkosh said...

Never heard all of that before either, and I am Native American!!! Good stuff!! I am beginning to see just how the Native Americans had it all figured out long before the rest of us came along. Was not taught anything about my culture as a Native American, and as a kid, I was not smart enough to ask. Never really thought about it as an adult, or as the years passed, I'm ashamed to say. Thanks for the lesson this morning.