Friday, November 2, 2012

A Month of Thankfulness

November, a month of color, a month of "thanks in giving" while counting our blessings.  Yes, a month that has started out with seeing people once again coming together after the devastation of a storm named Sandy, and those who have lost so much, yet arm in arm are now in the re-building and regaining of strength and hope as Americans always find the way to do in times of need and crisis.  Color will return to worlds and to cities and communities as arms are extended, and as folks dig deep for faith and look to the rainbow knowing that United we Stand at times like this. November is here, in all its color and wonder for so many giving thanks and so many who are already giving. Giving of their time, their talents, their money and their food as well as they stand together after the storm and devastation.  Many feeling blessed even those who have lost so much.  Many feeling overwhelmed and in tremendous shock knowing that it will be what they do with the time that makes the difference, or perhaps they don't know that yet.  And in other places across the lands, the days are moving on, life is going on as usual. The traffic lights change in the same order as they did yesterday, the elevators go up and down, their worlds have the same rhythm as before Hurricane Sandy and its chaos.  Life moves on that way; like the tide it rolls in and out. Here for us to embrace in all its wonder and spectacular moments, and sometimes to just sit awhile and reflect on the blessings of our life.  Times of getting and gathering resources is the time of November, yet also the month of so many things to know about, to become aware of as we prepare to run through our homes and find all those clocks and "fall back" an hour this week-end.  Many would like to fall back to 1972 or such, but I don't think that fall back is possible. Many more would like to leap forward to November 8 when the elections are over and the ugliness can stop with phone calls ringing off the hook in last ditch efforts to sway voters one way or the other, and social media and photo shop pictures can be laid to rest, along with comments of how folks think, feel and are expert at their reasoning of why one is better than the other. Fact checkers will be out of a job I guess, and thankfulness may indeed take over after forgiveness is addressed for some.

Our President did an outstanding job with the Hurricane Sandy and the people affected in those areas along with the sitting Mayors, Governors and those who went without sleep and were in the eye of the storm and had so many lives dependent on their decisions and warnings to flee harms way.  People put aside labels and affiliations and politicing as they acted swiftly for the benefit of brothers and sisters, mothers and Grandmothers along with the little ones two legged and four, to respond to the call.  That is how America works at its best; one focus, one people standing united in thankfulness, in kindness and in times of great tragedy, great movement and the call to duty on behalf and with the people.
It is not complicated or at least not in my way of thinking. We are all connected and perhaps the Universe was trying to get that message across right here and right now.
I am thankful that so many lives were spared and so many are alive today.  I am thankful that there is hope in healing. I am hopeful that lives will be whole again, that help is in place to allow people to regain their balance as work and first responders answered the calls.  
I am once again sorrowful that many will find a reason to bitch and complain about this or that or find reason to fault and throw mud in the aftermath or even suggest that our President acted too quickly in his response.
My heart is heavy for those lives lost and the shock/trauma of those who are walking now in such sadness and sorrow.

Yet, I know that storms never last, and through the darkness there is always light again and that rainbow that was seen over Manhattan was as perfect a sign if ever there was one, that hope is eternal and that so many have said, "We will rise above this".

Yes this is a month for thankfulness and also a great time to extend this month of thankfulness into 12... into a life of thankfulness with each breath, each step, each word to another, each thought before it becomes words that escape the lips... if we choose it to be.
It begins with each of us.

I am thankful for life, for each of you, and for all our relations... and so it is!
      Miracles appear in the strangest of places,
so perhaps today, as you look up, look down, look all around, you will find a colorful chair and sit down... reflect on memories or stories and tell one or two as you count your blessings.

Walk in Beauty


fluff said...

Thank you Dr. Sherry for your heartfelt words today. Above the sadness and devastation we need to find room for thankfulness in our lives. I love the colorful chairs and the rainbow over the city after the storm. If we could all just find the rainbow after the storms in life. Just a quick hello. Just got home from getting my hair all prettied up and have to get ready for my friend's wedding tonight. Looking forward to seeing friends and spending time in celebration of love and marriage. Take care friends and wishing you happiness and smiles for your evening. /Sandy♥

oshkosh said...

Good words. Funny you should mention backing up to "1972"----quite certain I would be the first on the plane to get back to then. But grateful for today. Loved the chairs. All are in my prayers for those who were affected by Sandy.

Joshuapare said...

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