Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bubba's Army: "Dangerous Conversation" with Ledg

Scott Legere (Ledge)
  and his crew in the studio of
Bubba's Network last night where we sat together for a two hour live radio show called:
2100 HOURS
a show for and about our Veterans.
Of course we were joined by the regular loyals there, Ace and GT
   and oh how they Loved me!
It was a mutual love fest from beginning to end.
And quite the powerful night I will share with all who read and enter here.
From my now famous entrance which we give all props to my escort Paul, I did not see nor was told that in order to walk into this Bubba Network studio, one has to "step up" in order to walk across the room, then "step down" and into a chair where a microphone and huge table laden with screens and equiptment awaits.
Of course that is in the beginning where the stripping pole stands, yet who could see that as it is rather dark there, albeit the Christmas lights in the  ceiling and flat screen T.V.'s on 4 corners of the walls near where our folks on air sit, and a few rather huge speakers line the sides of walls. Yet the lighting is rather dim, to cast the best light on computer monitors and I suppose to set the stage of comfort for those who fill the air waves.
Ledge was "live and on air" as we made our way inside, and that is about the time I made my grand entrance!
Being I was in my Jordans, I did manage to fly for a couple of seconds... right over that step in the air before landing with a thud on my face and body bounce... and of course getting the attention of my now favorite men and new 4 legged friends who came to see if I had lived through the moment!
I did live and managed somehow not to spill my coca-cola, and lept to my feet as though I am 11 years old and said,
 "I am soo happy to be here" as I motioned Ledge back to his mic and made my way to my chair.  Of course later in the show they did point out that I was on the Bubba the Love Sponge Show and studio and asked me to turn around and take a look telling them what I saw... It was then I realized a strippper pole was right before the step I missed.
Had I seen that I could have just grabbed it and launched myself into and across the floor into my seat!
We of course blamed Paul for not loving me and letting me know, for no tape being there as a warning, and I was feeling any moment that someone would tell me I needed to sign a release from ole' Bubba for what I might say, think or do secondary to the fall and dim lights!
Yep sure enough, there was something to sign, but it is standard protocol it seems!
Oh we had a grand time, and they are a fine three guys who seem to love what they do.
What is not to love?
They are able to say what is on their mind with freedom of speech while stretching into the imaginations of folks from all over the world and  push envelopes with talent and time while making others sound great with their talents and with sound.
YET, last night there was a reverence in the evening, a respect and a true camaraderie as we  gathered.  What I realized early on as I drove there was they too were in shock/trauma secondary to a death in the radio family.
They had lost a member of their "Bubba Army" and a friend just yesterday and were feeling many of the feelings that we were talking to Veterans about last night.
A sudden and unexpected loss had many of Bubba's Radio fans, family, friends in the numbness of loss:
Colin G. Brady died yesterday, suddenly and unexpectedly.
He was found in his home alone after not arriving at the studio yesterday; many thought perhaps he had just overslept, yet he was found by a colleague of Bubba Network Radio.  As we moved through the night and after the show, we talked about the numbness, feelings that were surreal and the uncertainties of life.
The days ahead for those who knew this man well will be difficult as "the show must go on" and as each comes to grips with this reality and the details emerge and plans are made, and as each works from numb shock to coping with not seeing a regular face and listeners adjust to missing a voice that they usually look forward to hearing.
Our evening together allowed us to visit and hear from a Marine named Dan who talked about his service to our country; his Dad and the desire to serve his country since childhood.
The realities of war, the difficulty of coming home, and a message from his superior on coming back home that he and his band of brothers and sisters didn't really get at the time.
The message?
"YOU will be in for the fight of your life".
Words to soldiers about returning home after war.
Words to absorb now on the thoughts of what our Veterans and soldiers face coming home.
Yes, they are in for the fight of their life once they hit our soils again, as the old saying I have used for ever is never more true than those men, women, service animals returning home:
"who you are is not who you have been, you cannot go back there again". 
Those who have worn those Uniforms, have stood with weapons in hand, have fought for our country, and return home are forever changed by their experiences.
We have to help them understand that and to know that who we sent off to war is not who will return.  War, sights, sounds, smells, tastes have changed them.
Much like loss, grief, trauma changes anyone at anytime and what was once known and normal now is strange and unfamiliar.
That was hammered home last night, it was said eloquently by those guests who called in, and the idea of how a soldier sleeps and where was crystallized, was driven home.
We listened, we talked, we heard;
we beared witness and we validated the honor of service along with the tragedies of war
and we do not have to agree or disagree on war, yet we need to Stand for those who serve, have served and or paid the ultimate sacrifice with respect, integrity, pride, and compassion.
We heard from Stan who has been an escort to the wounded Warriors on flights as they came home; who saw and was with those missing limbs, in horrific pain as they are flown here and there and stayed beside and for them along the way.
His is a story worthy of hearing, yet he didn't not want to get beneath the armour he wears to prevent his heart from mixing in his brain; he maintains his distance from his pain.
He is filled with pride of his mission.
He wants us to know of the "salsa" sales that he is doing and that it is 100% profits for Vets!
  and he says it is "fine fine fine"
YOU can order it at that link!
We listened to a woman named Christie in KY, who is doing remarkable work; her husband soon to be deployed once again, and we hold them UP and pray for his safety. Offficer Faulkner, we pray you safety, we will hold you and your family UP as you stand to protect us, please take best care of you while you are gone from us.
Christie spoke with passion, with love of community, family, of her husband and all who serve. At some point, I had such a strong need to give "props" to ROLLING THUNDER in the work they have and still do, for all Veterans, our POW's. /MIA's and as I told the story of a 13 yr old and his dream of riding a Harley, those tough guys that sat with me all had tears in their eyes.
Good we had a roll of paper towels for them,
and we had talked off and on of syncronicity throuh the evening.
As I was throwing ROLLING THUNDER props and talking of them riding for those who cannot, Christie then shares her story of knowing someone of Rolling Thunder and his beautiful soul in ways that once again left us looking at each other with smiles through tears as the connections continued just that way all through the night we shared.
The spirit was in it and we were blessed.even with the pain of their recent tragic loss of a friend/family there.   
They are doing some awesome work for and about Veterans with great resources.
It was a night of telling it like it is, of keeping it real, of
and it was not lost on me that it was also a night of the Frosty Moon, and a spectacular moon it was!
 *this was taken on my way to the studio*
I thank Ledge for inviting me to co-host with him, I thank so many for your emails and texts of support about his show and those who tuned in to listen.
I thank,
those who are serving our Nation.
And yes, I do agree that we need to do a follow up as it seems we have opened a diaglogue and need to hear more from our Veterans, the men and women that are standing, have walked the walk and now need an opportunity to talk, to educate and to just "be" while knowing we are safe to be with.
Rule #1
Never ever walk into someone's head or heart with muddy boots,
they've already been through enough.
Trust is hard to come by once you've been through all that a soldier has seen,
we must STAND and take care of them there and especially here.
Just think, me on Bubba the Love Sponge's Network.
Oh goodness, what a night,
thanks boiis for a great night of
"Dangerous Conversation"
As I told Veterans and so many before,
"I'll Stand by YOU" in your darkest hour 
Stay well.
Walk in Beauty


fluff said...

Hello Dr. Sherry and good morning to you and our friends also. That was a great message and I wish I could have been able to listen as you spoke and uplifted those in the studio and those listening. I am sorry you fell. I hope you are not feeling any soreness from it. I am glad you did not hurt yourself. God Bless those brave military heroes of ours. Those who have finished their duty and getting back to life, those who are still fighting and those who lost their life in the fight. It sounds like it was a very good time of talking and being on the live show. I know you were most helpful. Ace and GT were happy looking four leggeds. I was sorry to hear about the loss of Colin G. Brady of Bubba's Army. I know that is most difficult for the coworkers there and those that listen to the show.
Take care Dr. Sherry and friends and have a very happy day. /Sandy♥

oshkosh said...

I bet their ratings went through the roof!!!!!!!! And they should have!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I missed the chance to tell you .
better late than never.. I thought the radio show was great, not quite what I had expected ( not quite sure what I DID expect ) but sure have to say WOW .. I thought the words and stories shared by all were moving and passionate, the flow of speaking in the moment was awesome and I was thinking about the stories shared for quite some time after it was over.. I believe in this case, YOU Doc, were meant to be there, exactly as you were, exactly on this night .. knowing first hand the words of " you are different now and you cannot go back " , your words of truth in a harsh reality, had impact far beyond the listener's ears.. I am betting boldly that you touched the core of the hearts of those men who had lost a close team member..
I am proud to know your passion and sincere concern for our Veteran's.. let's hope the show encouraged some to listen with new ears and understanding.. Way to go Sherry and Bubba's team !!
I'm also hoping you are not aching from head to toe from your grand entrance, ouch !! I fell tonight and slammed the wall,going full force.. a softball egg on my skull and my knee, hip and leg are already very stiff and painful .. I know I winced and then bawled like a baby.. so please rest yourself friend, rest your huge heart and your aches and soreness.. like you say to us..
WE NEED YOU to be well and strong !
you are the best !
hugging my angels, ♥
sign me, A.

DrSES said...

Thanks sign me A... "we both fell" on the same night??? Seriously?/?

thanks for listening dearheart...

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