Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hello from INdiana!

Oh yes, it is morning in Lafayette Indiana, as I sit and gaze out over a quaint little town and soon the sun will rise! Chilly it is, and a marvelous sound of a clock tower let me know when it was 6am oh the sound of the "ring" was wonderful!  Today I will meet those of Guardian Angel Hospice here; their community that will attend their conference of "Care for the Caregivers"; including those in Child Welfare, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Funeral Homes, and just about everyone has been invited in the arena of caring for others. It will be a spectacular day, as I was welcomed last evening so warmly!  Dottie called me as I was less than a mile from the hotel here; she later came and picked me up for dinner with the founding mother and her great husband Jeff. It was a lovely welcome to their town and visit.  Lovely people living the vision and mission of hospice as I could see it in their eyes and feel their spirits as we broke bread together!
Guardian Angel Hospice, caring for community, caring for their staff and holding conferences here at National Hospice month and probably throughout the year... we didn't talk about that yet!  That is how business and organizations keep good people and invest in community, we reach a hand to extend to those we serve while offering support, education and conferences to feed the souls of our own.
Hospice, it's about living; living right up until that moment that you step into the next place and even then knowing that those you leave behind have those same folks of hospice that will be there for those times when someone needs to still be standing and arms that extend, as the continue to care.
True mission and values founded by the pioneers and being held today by most...

yep that is my story and I'm looking forward to this day.
The sky is getting light, guess I better rise as the sun, it is time...

May you walk in beauty, dance in the hallways and play as hard as you will ever work

(I wish you all that you dare to dream)     

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fluff said...

Hello Dr. Sherry, I am happy to read your words today knowing you are in a place where there is love and care. A place where you can share your wisdom to help the caring ones to continue to be just that - The caring ones to those in need. Every time I read your words about Hospice it bring me back to when Mom died. Even though we were most grateful Hospice was there for her for over 9 month it was after she died that we really needed them. We needed that hand to hold, to talk about Mom, the shouler to lean on and maybe shed a tear and the hug to feel that was supposed to understand what we were going through but they were never there for us. No one at the funeral home, no one called until many days after. By then we had already decided we were through. The time we needed them most, and looked for them, had passed. I am grateful to know that all Hospice groups are not like that and there are truely some awesome, amazing and caring people out there. Keep on what you are doing Dr. Sherry as it is much needed. Bless you and have a grand time. /Sandy♥