Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hello November

This was on the ceiling in a fabulous restaurant while at Sanibel Island called
"The Island Cow"!
And oh my what great food to be had there!
When I gazed up to see that I immediately wanted to find me one to put on my ceiling on a smaller scale just to see if anyone would notice!
Hello November... It is the beginning of a month that will surely have folks feeling like they are crawling the walls and clinging to ceilings I am thinking. It may just be that this week will be a good one to just ease into it, as this is the month where all things of "hectic and busy" seem to take over, including that election that is just days away. As millions continue to do without power, without water to cleanse their precious and tired bodies up North, the world continues to send them thoughts and prayers for recovery and for strength in standing strong amid the devastation and the days and months ahead. The shorelines have changed and some say it is forever changed; the pictures and live footage of rescues and fires, along with the absolute fury of a storm gone wild as a Hurricane met a cold front continue to bewilder so many in its aftermath. Our President has visited and we all watched as he and a Governor Christie of New Jersey stood side by side and hand in hand for the people with hearts and minds connected for the best interest of those affected.  There were no party divisions, no judgments no divisions. It was men united in reaching out to the people and being where they needed to be in quick and efficient order. They STOOD, both looking tired, both feeling the pain of so many and taking it personally with each view that seared their brains and their hearts as they bared witness to story after story of those still standing. Last night there were still Halloween parties in NYC; folks who were creative and wanted to allow gatherings for their kids and for each other; finding ways to embrace life and each other, not swayed by devastation nor hopelessness. People are resilient and will not be ones who dwell in darkness nor refuse to sit life out.
We the People are the people who come in crisis TOGETHER, with life, with arms extended. Many knew that their food would go bad, so they found ways to cook it, to share it, by gathering on the streets and letting all know to come, to eat, to replenish themselves by sharing with all.  That is just the way it has been ... In fellowship, in oneness, and in Unity.  As we now see November 1, we have prayed for those who perished during the storms, their families, we have watched over and again the films the footage and those brave newscasters who put their own lives in harms way to bring live to the minute coverage of a storm that has never been seen before as it crashed and tumbled people with such fierceness that we still shake our heads in disbelief. Yet now, communites and cities are on the rebound, the re-build!
November is here, and it's that time when folks will jump into high gear today, they will soon be hunting for the perfect Turkey, the perfect decorations to add to those trees for the holidays and the gift that one must have for the holidays, the guests that will be coming for those "Hallmark moments".
It's also a month to honor our Veterans, to honor HOSPICE, to know that it is it is a time for so many things that we need to know about!
The VietNam Wall is on the move here in Florida and traveling through Pinellas County this week. That wall is sacred in D.C., having been there so many times, it is still a place to go if ever in Washington D.C., a place to sit a while, to remember, to honor the fallen and to meet many Veterans that are there 24/7.  It will be rather amazing to see that wall that is now heading here to Florida for those who have never had that opportunity, as it will be at Coachman Park in Clearwater this week. A time to see and say thank you to those who have or are serving while giving thanks to the fallen.
Yes, November is here, a busy month, and one I  think we should call a month of "thanks in giving"... of great gratitude.

And with that said, that is enough said.

Walk in Beauty,


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fluff said...

Ahhh Dr. Sherry, November 1 - just two more months and it will be a new year. Hopefully a new year of peace and rest for those who have gone through devestation and loss this year. The TV and internet pictures of that storm is so heart wrenching to see the loss. You are so right though, people are, in general, strong and caring and able to rebuild and help those also needing a hand. My prayers for those who have lost their homes all they have in life and also the families of those who have lost a loved one to this storm. You know I took a lot of teasing this week being the storm was also named
"Sandy" We are still having cold drizzly rain again today and it is still in the 30s and somewhat windy today. Very cloudy out still but I am grateful we did not have the full effects of the storm.

I love the frog Dr. Sherry, that is very cute! I have not seen the Vietnam wall but heard it was very emotional. I have never been to Washington DC but would like to go some day.
Well, got to run, busy here today trying to get things done. I am off tomorrow. Will sleep in a while, YEAH! and then my friend is getting married at 5:00 so will go to her wedding. It will be nice. Take care Dr. Sherry and friends. I hope your day is peaceful and kind to you and the sun will shine on you this day. /Sandy♥