Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thank You VETERANS... today and always

Thank you Veterans, each and everyone of you for your service... As we have heard of honorings, gatherings, parades across the country, it reminds me of UNITY, as we cross the street to shake a hand, to acknowledge those who serve and have served our great Nation, I am honored and I am humbled by knowing, I am free because of the bravery. By the sacrifice and those who today are doing their best, giving their all as we go about our Sunday, and so many will have tomorrow off work, the soldiers will be working... will be in fields and on sand, with weapons in their hands fighting for our freedoms. Yes, the Federal Government will have the day off, Post Offices will be closed, banks and I believe Wall Street will be closed in honor of Veterans day; yet those who we are honoring will be carrying 70+ pounds on their backs fighting for our freedoms and it will be just another day as they might wonder if they have been forgotten or if we care at all about them.  I've often wondered how it is that we take a day off in honor of Veterans when they are the ones putting in the time!  Yes there are huge sales in the stores and many will shop til' they drop, yet we could if able be visiting the VA and sitting with those who have returned from war or taking something to them I guess.
Those in healthcare, hospitals, Nursing Homes and HOSPICE do not get this Monday holiday off... 
Hospice in its partnership with Veterans will be busy making special plans for those Vets they care for; many have had celebrations and events geared for their Vets in their communities. 
Veterans Day; a time of honoring and paying great respect and saying "thank you" for your service.

 Yes, I thank you Veterans; all of you, your families, friends and communities who miss you when you are away and pray for your safe return. I thank you who have served. I honor you all today and each day for having stood for our country and each of us.  I hold you UP.
I thank Rolling Thunder for riding for those who cannot as they continue to let the world and government know we want all home, our POW/MIA's are still missing and we want them back ... they are our brothers and sisters and they belong home with us.  We have not forgotten them.
Veterans Day and we continue to see so many who proudly say they would not have changed a thing; they would go back and serve again if they could.  They proudly wear their hats and jackets with emblems of their branch of service. They are warriors who stood and continue to stand with each other even when times are hard and folks forget we are in this together, come rain or come shine.
Thank you all...
  Retired Major General Rita Aragon
 First Female Native American General Officer
"Thank you for your service Cherokee/Choctaw" sister.

 Remembering a great man on Veterans Day with honor and respect, Navaho Code Talker George Smith; May you dance in spirit land sir, thank you for all of your work and for your life...
The Navajo code was classified as a military secret until 1968.
“They have brought pride to our Navajo people in so many ways,” Shelly wrote about the Code Talkers. “The nation’s prayers and thoughts are with the family at this time as they mourn the passing of a great family man who served his country and protected his people.”
According to an October 31 press release from the Navajo Nation, Smith was born on June 15, 1922 in Mariano Lake, New Mexico. After earning his diesel mechanic credentials in Chicago, Smith enlisted with the U.S. marines in 1943 to be trained as a Code Talker. The press release said Smith earned the rank of Corporal while serving in the Pacific Theater during World War II. His military service included stints in Okinawa, Hawaii and Japan, and he fought in battles at Siapin, Tinian and Ryukyu Islands.
After serving as a Code Talker, Smith held jobs as a destroyer of old ammunition, a mechanic and a shop foreman, the release noted.
“Code Talker Smith led an honorable life. He served his country, then provided for his family.

Read more:

Yes it is a day of prayers and thoughts of our Veterans along with all people and every living thing and our Ancestors...
May we gather United in knowing we are a strong people, and we have Veterans to thank for the bed we sprang from or creaked out of this day and water that we stood under to refresh our spirits in this most wonderful country that we call home.

Yesterday, Cuz Angie and Godson Kamryn were at the Pulaski Rehab filling goodie bags with Veteran wristbanks and goodies for the special events planned there today in honor of their Veterans Day ... Volunteers are busy around the country in places just like that where Angie works (although she was not on the clock), where folks enlist their family and kids to help for the greater good, and to honor and remember back in the day.
Hospices across the country are planning special times and events in similar ways to honor their vets this week, today, tomorrow, and Volunteers are gearing up for the ready to be all that and more.
Yep, that is Mom/Dot/Cob... Hospice volunteer now for 17 years and proudly wearing her colors and hugging every Vet she can get her hands on as she moves through from Hospice to the Pulaski Rehab doing her thing... being there for those who need a smile a hug or a hand...
Volunteers, the hearts of hospice and the heart of our country who stand by and behind our Veterans and Hospice as they seem to just fit together so well.
 Prayers going UP for all in the prayer bowl, and for ALL Veterans during this National Hospice Month.

May the Creator hold you gently and the rainbow follow on your path, leading you safely home.

The fire is burning and the embers are hot, sage is in the air, wado to all who gather here.

Tomorrow I leave for Lafayette Indiana to speak at "Guardian Angel Hospice" where they are now busy making baskets for VETERANS... to honor, to thank, and to remember those who fight to keep us free and who proudly have served our great Nation.
I am honored.
We are surrounded by angels... here and in the next place. Some in Uniform of all branches and some just seem to appear when we least expect them... Walk across a street today and shake a hand of a Vet!

Walk in Beauty,


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your Blog honoring our vets and those in service today. I remember as a child many stories of the code talkers in WWII. My Dad's unit had a code talker as their radio man. Even as a child I found those stories to be fascinating, and now know more of the history of their service. dad said because they spoke in native tongue, the enemy could not understand the language and information could be communicated freely by radio and not alert the enemy to their location and strategy. Brave men, serving a country who has done so much to harm them. Amazing.
I'm right there with you doc when folks think Veterans Day is just another day off to shop the sales.
Proud to be an American. Especially since Obama won the election and I did not have to determine where else I might move to avoid the threat of Romney as Pres. Just sayin....
Hope everyone finds some special way, large or small to thank a Vet this day and tomorrow and at every other opportunity.

fluff said...

Thank you Dr. Sherry for your words, thoughts and thanks for our brave Veterans, men, women and even furry 4 leggeds as there are many. I am grateful for the patriotism teaching of my childhood and learning to be thankful for our Blessed Country and for all we have because of a veteran. My Grandpa, Dad and Uncles all fought for our country in WW1, WW2, Korean and Vietnam Wars. My brave grandson is currently in the service and has been in battle as well.

Have a Blessed and grand time Dr. Sherry in Lafayette Indiana as you speak at "Guardian Angel Hospice". Be safe and have a nice trip.

Wishing all of our friends a peaceful Sunday evening and a quiet rest time. /Sandy♥