Tuesday, November 6, 2012

This is the Day: The Vote for President

When I saw this photograph I found myself not breathing. It was one of those pictures that just took my breath away and said more than words could ever speak.
First and foremost, I would like to say,
"Thank you ARCHIE HACKNEY, of WWII, for your service to our country".

This is the day, the very day that we have been told about, that history books are made of, that all the conventions have built up to, the tours, the gimmicks, the hoopla, the fact finders, checkers and the ones who have ramped up disrespect to an all time high ...
It is also my cuzzie's birthday
May it be the best year ever for you up there in Southwest Virginia!
May your feet be warm, your life lessons been learned well and your mind carry your feet to places of wonderment in great choices and joyful noise!
Yes this is a day of excitement, of great nervousness, of outright being scared for many.
It's a day where folks are just carrying on with their selves and often with little respect; yet using every possible thing to throw out to advance their ideas and personal beliefs.
Saying they are Christians is a big one; saying they are the better man/woman with the right idea and plan for our Nation.
Why do folks feel a need to do that?
 When folks begin that stuff I find it not only offensive but suspicious as long ago I learned from an Elder that when one begins that way you have to doubt them! Yep folks do give themselves away easily by their words and then often spew ugliness in the same breath don't they?

It is a day that I find myself sitting back and still looking at that picture of a WWII veteran who would not remain in a wheelchair, but insisted on standing out of R E S P E C T while shaking the hand of our President and Commander in Chief.
That very picture somehow has set me off on a rant of sorts; mostly to myself!
At least until now that is...
R E S P E C T 
we, or most of us have had it taught to us since childhood, many of us teach it to our children, our grandchildren, those we mentor, at times even to and with those we work with and eat with or speak with.
It is something fundamental, just as kindness is, as compassion and caring is or could or should be. One to another in the great Universe we all inhabit as children of the Great Spirit.
That 90 year old veteran who is now in a wheel chair was determined to rise to greet the President of the United States... that was not lost on me.
Yet, each day of this campaign we have witnessed people as they speak with such levels of disrespect, of such remarkable authority on how someone else could do things better, including themselves whether they are a plumber, a janitor, a healthcare worker, housewife, a construction worker or the CEO of a million dollar industry.
We've listened to the likes of Donald Trump in his brilliance; his views on women and finance, his challenges with his millions; yet after the super-storm Sandy, funny we haven't heard much from him other than he was in his Penthouse and was fine.
No mention of opening the doors of his fine home to those who were and are without, no  mention of opening his wallet to those of NYC nor challenges to match the monies or goods being done by others around the country in the NFL/NBA or celebrities.
No mention from Mr. Romney and his vast accumulation of wealth and rendering aide to those now hungry, dirty and homes devastated.
Yet we continue on this day of decisions to here such ugliness and such nasty comments from so many, regular folks, high up folks, folks with anger beyond imagination.
Seldom do we here from those with different hopes and aspirations said with mutual respect and honoring of their differences, yet recognition of the moment and its precious gifts.
There is life after Nov. 6th.
Surprisingly I do believe that this election and the building up to it has weakened trust, not only in our country but between people in their beliefs of human kindness and honesty.  We cannot hear over and again about ballots and polls being tainted without wondering, without suspicion.  Many have said they plan to not vote, that it will not matter, that they are not certain their vote will be counted.
Has the ugliness reached epic proportions to make people think this way, or is it that no one respects the process as a result of all time highs of disrespect of the office itself?
We here that polls will close at 7pm
yet we hear that as long as people are in line, they must stay open.
Yet we again here that early voting has almost already told us the winner, and yet it may take days and days to determine the winner.
What one believes I suppose depends on who you listen to and what you want the outcome to be.
We will awaken one morning and will hear the annoucement and oh boy
will there be fall out and many will rage on.
It has already gotten out of hand; folks are angry and many have jumped on the wagon of more is better, let's all get fired up, but not in a good way.
I've always had a difficult time in those who stand on the back of another to make themselves look bigger or better or taller. Even in times of great competition, great debate; it can still be respectful I do believe.
The gentleman in the picture said it all as far as I can see.
And I can see pretty far; many have shown us who they are during this process and it is much more than most wanted to ever know.
Prayers for our country today, and for each and everyone wherever you are.
God Bless the United States of America and her people.
Oh it's raining here
and on the East Coast, perhaps the Creator is trying to wash it all clean.
while dancing in the rain!

 R E S P E C T

Walk in Beauty


fluff said...

Good Morning Dr. Sherry and friends. I hope this day finds you all well and either have voted or on the way to your local precient. Yes indeed, election day today and many prayers said for this great country and its leader, those to come and those who remain in office. Decision Day 2012! What will the end of the day bring for us? We shall see! What a grand picture that was and sure makes one think and be thankful for all we have.

Wishing a great big Happy Birthday to Angie. I hope it is a grand birthday and you enjoy celebrating your very own special day.

Be well friends and at peace with you life and decisions. /Sandy♥

oshkosh said...

Happy Birthday Angie!!!! Say on Dr. Sherry, just say on.