Saturday, November 17, 2012

Goodness Gracious Great Gratitude

SUper Saturday to everyone and every living thing! Oh how I wish for you a spectacular day today... and thought I would just plant some beauty for your eyes and a thought: There are only 122 days, 11 hours remaining till Spring, our  First Day Of Spring!  Now doesn't that just bring warmth to you and a grin on your face!  As we embrace and hope that each day is entered into mindfully, taken one step at a time often folks are looking ahead, rushing from one thing and then another, without stopping for pause and reflection, not truly enjoying the moments in front of them and savoring each breath like a fine wine or great meal.  This is about the last week-end of savoring before entering into those holiday frenzies ahead.
The bustle and rustle is not just the raking of leaves and the wonder of colors; as we will see lists being made and the wants being shared. The preparations are being now tossed and turned in those brilliant brains as folks begin to go into overdrive without checking their internal engines and doing their own inventories of how much is too much to take on.
I've heard that the stores are already filled with color and the commercials have already begun to have that certain ingle of the bells and sound of holidays reminding us of Christmas commercials and litttle ones along with the big kids and the next best things with high dollar prices. Oh yea baby, this is your last weekend to relax and to just "be" before finding that ole' turkey or perfect steak for the Thanks in giving.
"Are you feeling me here"... the hallmark moments are on our heels. (or not)

Yet for millions they would prefer to skip right to the spring, to not have to hear of the celebrations and the joys as these dark months only heighten losses felt and memories that are the only thing they have as the holidays roll in once again and reminders of pain and grief resurfacing become painful heartaches once again with empty chairs at the table where once there was laughter and someone to touch and kid with along with that someone or many to love and watch as meals were prepared and shared and gifts were opened and times were savored like fine wines and great meals.
Bring it on SPRING... yes sometimes the holidays bring with them a renewed sense of grief and a solid prayer that those hear would say the NAMES of those no longer hear and share a story or several to give those memories a lively time and recognize that hearts once connected are always connected even when separated by death.  To bridge the pain, the grief, the struggle, we must be willing to come out from the darkness, to come out from our comfort zones and include those who are grieving in the now by saying the names of their loved ones. We do these things not by thinking we know what is best for them, not by protecting them by guarding our conversations to not say the names of their loved ones, but by including them in the conversations. We can and perhaps should ask if they would like a candle lit at the dinner table in the place of where their loved one would have sat; we can start the conversation by saying their loved ones name in prayer, in a conversation of a memory or story to bring them into the holiday and the day.  We can do all of this in gratitude that their lives were bigger than the moment of their death and we miss them and are different now but also very alive and need to embrace that life.  Yes life is different for those who have lost someone so vital so precious so very important... and the holidays are usually so very difficult as they work hard to get through them.  Glittter and grief make for strange companions yet once they find ways to incorporporate the person that has died a fellowship can be made that will allow beauty through tears and illuminating gifts to find their way through that are filled with love along with strength in healing ways.
Sit and embrace your angels, your babies, your wisdom keepers as you realize they are always with you... They will be with you when you are open to receive them, their messages, their ongoing gifts as you walk into the holidays and share your stories, their stories and know;
"there is no distance" in hearts that are connected.

It will soon be spring!
A special shout out to my boy Kamryn Elijah today as he takes to the courts for his first FIRST TIME with his AAU Team NRV ELITE in their first Tournament!
"Focus baby... team, SHOOT THE HOOPS"
Strive for Excellence NRV ELITE AAU BASKETBALL... Let's Do this up there in Christiansburg VA!!!
"That's what I'm talkin about baby"!!!
Walk in Beauty,


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fluff said...

Happy Saturday Dr. Sherry and Friends. Hope it is a grand day for you. It wont be long and Spring rains will be here. That is what I am looking for. Yeah!!!

Yes indeed, the holidays are approaching and thoughts are already on those who will not be with us this year and it is difficult and sadness somehow has that way of creeping in. Mom, Dad, Brother Rob, no longer here in body but here in our hearts forever. Would love to have one more time to hug them and say "I love you". Oh boy, that is tough thinking this morning! - Okay!

On my way to the shelter - 10 poodles left from hording house last week and expecting at least 3 more. 60+ cats and kittens from 8 weeks to 12 years old. Sure hope we have some adoptions today.

Take care friends, have a Superlicious☺ SaturDay! /Sandy♥