Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Be Safe out there! Turkey and travels

Get your dance on folks,
and be careful out there!
It's officially the week of Thanksgiving and you can feel it in the air!
Folks are taking to the air, to the streets, to the stores and they are out there. I'm not sure how many are dancing and spreading the blessings of thanks to one another and each and every person they see and meet along the way!
I do know that the energy is gearing up for those days ahead and I want you to get your attitude of gratitude on as you remind yourself to be safe as you venture out and about!
It's not just turkeys that are on the run and feeling the stress now...
As those turkeys are running and some trying to "Moo" while others disguise themselves as sheep; people are gearing up and packing up or pulling out the fine china.
And while some are counting their blessings more than once, sending cards, texts and emails of thanks to those they love others are feeling the pressure just like an ole' timey pressure cooker without the little thingy on the top that bobbles and weebles as the pressure mounts.
They are on the run, and running they are as the grocery stores gear up and the retailers pray for the earliest opening of Black Friday, some even beginning it on the day of Thanks and some lining up on the sidewalks to buy on sale what will still be on sale in December but they just have to have it now.
During our economic conditions where folks say they don't have money, credit cards will be pulled out to spend and spend with what folks don't have to make smiles on the faces of others and later regret decisions made or that thing known as "buyers regret".
Or some will wish they had but realize they don't and just watch with amazement the news coverage of those who herd into stores and fight over things like nobody's business on that day called "Black Friday" when most people sleep and try to restore.
Ah yes, Thanksgiving is upon us!
Many are looking forward to a day of great smells in their homes and those they love and the stories shared, the memories of times once held together, precious memories those that were good, great, not so grand, all wrapped into one.
And then there are the traditions that now are only fragments of the mind and at times seem like so long ago when they were real and touchable, yet long ago gone as are those who held them together.
A holiday that many savor just as the smells and aromas that fill homes or the memories of so many.
Yet a time to be safe out there as the roads will be filled with travelers going places and visits made or stores that will be having the next need to have item!
Turkey, dressings, and pies, oh my
the Thanksgiving Parade, and football
the joys of a day 
a day to GIVE THANKS and to be thankful,
to remember the First Americans
their hospitality, the extension of self for the greater good.
And treaties broken.
The circle of life in lessons learned, in gratitude.
Interesting how that works isn't it?
I am thankful for so many things, so many people, so much of lifes lessons and continue to be blessed by all.
I can remember doing that "Black Friday" a few times; an interesting study in human behavior it is. I could still do that if I had a good seat, a punkin spice latte and my shades on. It is a wonderful time to kick back and just people watch, to have several laughs as you watch folks just lose their ever lovin minds without filters or restraints. Also a time for great photographs of faces, of body language as one watches folks and expressions, those who want but are  not sure "what it is they want", yet knowing they just have to cash in on great bargains!
Now that is just funny and so wrong on so many levels ...
Maybe it is just funny that it is wrong or wrong that it is funny!
Safe travels to Mom/Dot/Cob as she travels today for a new experience away from the family to visit with her old friend Dottie in WVA, best and safe travels to all as you pack and prepare to go and see and do with those you love or to new and different times this year.
Sometimes it is time to change it up, to switch from what was to what is and what fits you best for now.
Sometimes it is time to break from tradition and to give yourself permission to eat steak rather than turkey!
Perhaps this year, this week is your week for major changes in how you do this holiday, and I pray you begin it with a breath of gratitude, the wind of hope that touches your face to remind you that we are all connected in the hoop of life, both here and in the next place.
Be gentle with you, extend kindness to all you encounter.
Remember those who once had sweet smelling feet are now growing or grown and they do not need us like they once did, do not always express their love the way they once did, and we have given them the strength to fly, yet it is us who miss what once was more than they ...
But in our hearts they live just as then as we watch or know they are soaring.
Just as our Elders watch over us, watching and knowing how we breathe, how we extend to another in right way relations, (or not)
May you have a glorious day while taking one step of dance at a time and letting you decide how you will do this week of Thanksgiving.
Will it be with gratitude or jacked up stress?
It is up to you now.
Walk in Beauty
You just never know who you might meet along the path, don't run, walk!


fluff said...

Good Morning Dr. Sherry and friends happy Tuesday to you all. Yes, the hustle and bustle of the holiday is building and people getting ready for the big day of Thanks. Thank you Dr. Sherry for your words today. Wishing everyone a very happy and safe day today. Have a safe trip Dot/Mom/Cob and enjoy the time together with your dear friend there in West Virginia.

I hope the weather is nice wherever you are today. Very nice here in SE Michigan in the 50s and the sun is shining almost LOL. Take care /Sandy♥

DrSES said...

Happy Thanksgiving to YOU Sandy... and I give thanks to you for being so loyal and taking your time to find the time to share you with readers here and with me!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this holiday! Enjoy the cooking, the eating, the fireside evening and the beginning of a long and wonderful holiday season. Lots to be grateful for. Lucky to have the time and occasion to stop and celebrate all that we have in family and friends and a warm home. thinking of the folks who have unmet needs and hope they make time to enjoy this one day with someones they care about. Best to all, enjoy every moment. I for one am most thankful for you doc!