Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Weekend of Thanks or small Saturday Shops

Happy SAturday to everyone and everything! It's a beautiful day to be thankful as we rise and shine into a day of great possibility all over the lands and across the waters.  It's a time of hope for those little local stores around the country as they have opened their doors and filled their shelves, those who are making what they sell and online now showing their goods online and on the web as well. It is the day of small business in this holiday season and they are hoping that shopppers will be sure and visit them and spend their dollars with the zest of Black Friday now behind them! It is time for the locals and the small businesses to reap the rewards of those who purchase for the holidays and those who want the "one of a kind" great finds! It's funny in some ways to think that this thing called "Small Business Saturday" was actually created and developed by the big ole' American Express folks! I have to wonder how many really small businesses accept American Express in their dealings; those one men/women operations who typically operate on cash/check/paypal... just wondering as I pray them a prosperous season out there and all around.  This holiday began in 2010 and small business has been grateful since then, yet I bet that this year they are really happy to see it come.  Here in Tarpon Springs we have so many little shops that line the main drag of our city of the sponge docks, many who have been there for years. Now today I can imagine the owners are praying for many to come, to visit from all over the place and find those great deals and gifts for loved ones, colleagues and just about everyone on their list while having lunch or dinner in one of the many Greek restaurants that offer great views of the water there.  Opa!
There are so many small businesses that wait and that will be aglow with possibilities and local eateries that make it easy to stop in enjoy a meal and then stroll to the next place while meeting others along the way of neighborhoods and seeing sights at the same time. Small Business Saturday is here.
Late start, early start, all are busy it seems
have a marvelous weekend wherever you are !
Blessings on the suns set
Walk in Beauty


Anonymous said...

yep. I knew it ... I visited earlier here today and "nobody was home " ..but I just had that funny feeling that if checked in one more time before calling it a night I would find Doc and her words which always bring a smile and a message to my heart ..
Sounds as if the shoppers were out again today, according to the local news, merchants of the small businesses had a enriching day, and I know they sure deserve a slice of the pie in these tough economic times.. It is always a pleasure to venture into a Mom and Pop owned shop, the hospitality is top notch, and the merchandise is of top quality.. there is the feeling of pride and respect, and they surely appreciate the loyalty of their communities as well as the dollars of the visitors.. 'back in the day' comes into my mind... of penny candy, owners sweeping the storefronts and washing windows, and the sincere, friendly greetings..
I spent my day, lazily in my pj's.. a bit of sitting out to feel the wondrous sun on my face and enjoyed some reading. Now my day is complete.. @ Fluff/Sandy, you are such a sweet woman to think of me.. thank you ! I have missed being here as often as I'd like and also think of all of our 'gentle warriors' with fondness. Sorry there were no adoptions today, I admire the efforts you give at the shelter. I am the mama to three rescued cats, and there is not much of anything better than the mutual love of our animals..
Heading to catch some ZZzzzzzsssss and a few sweet dreams too..
goodnite y'all, thanks for being here..
hugging my angels, ♥ sign me,

Anonymous said...

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