Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sons, Daughters, Brothers, Sisters, Little and Big

We all are together under the lights of oneness
we all are the sons, daughters, brothers and sisters of the Creator, the Universal Connection of ONE.
We all will join around the world on Dec 9th to light our candles for all the children, of all ages, who have died of all causes and hopefully lend a light to those who are alive as they remember, as they find strength to move into the holidays and into their shoes and go forward with HOPE in healing ways.
We also do well in remembering all those who serve, have served, those sons, daughters, children of someone and family members, friends and members of our communities who return with traumas and hurts now.
The Wounded Warriors who now grieve and suffer from all they have been exposed to; perhaps the children they saw or had to kill in times of war, the ones they held and comforted in times of such horror and now walk with on a daily basis as many try to find their way back on our soils and in VA's across the country.
Who is holding their pain, bearing witness to the stories of the soldiers; the daughters, sons, service animals that have fought or continue to for our country and our safety as we now walk or sing into the holidays of 2012.
We are bombarded by social media, by ads of shopping deals and today the weekend sales of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday now fall into memories while sales continue, and yet we hear the threats of fiscal falls and cliffs that may collapse us.
And in the same breath and entries we read on pages and in press we hear of doom and gloom and fears mount while others are still in the hate mode of elections that did not satisfy them, so the (smak talk) continues and the disrespect grows.
Yet our sons, daughters, nieces and nephews, neighbors and community members still sit and pray that a car does not pull up rendering men in Uniform to knock at the door and give the worse news that one could ever receive.
We are a Nation that quickly forgets about the blessings and the gifts we are wrapping, the madness of the thrill of shopping as folks spent more this year than last or than 5 years ago.
A world of social media and folks that seem to have no filter on respect yet scream protection under freedom of speech,
and still we have those who now are approaching the holidays with heaviness and in need of kindness and another to lend a light or a hand in brightness.
A Veteran perhaps who could use a postcard or a pair of warm and jazzy socks sent from someone who cares, a visit to a Hospital or a hand extended at an airport with a $10. bill and a sincere thank you for all that he or she is doing for the greater good of our country and our freedoms.
There are people now planning to attend the world-wide 
Compassionate Friends Annual Candle Lighting where they will say their child, grandchild, brother, sister's name
as they join with the world at 7pm
to remember
There are many things we can do to make this a kinder and more bright holiday,
from sending postcards to Vets, to nursing homes, to childrens' homes.
We can extend of self to another each and every day in small to large ways.
We can donate frequent flyer miles to a family desperately trying to get where they haven't been to gather, or help suggest ways to do things that perhaps have yet to be thought of.
and let go of what or who did or didn't get into the White House, let go of what you do not control and instead
BE ALL THAT YOU CAN to enhance those that are walking on shells that are painful in this time of the holiday season.
It is the time for us to remember those who have gone too soon, and when you think about it, we are never really ready or prepared to let those we love go to the other side.. Missing is stronger during the dark months, the holidays have that ring of "missing" and the memories need to be shared rather than wrapped and put away.
We have soldiers who need us to STAND when they cannot, to often be silent after letting them know it is ok and they are safe to speak ...
It is time for respect, for grace and for giving.

   Thank you to those who have served, those who are serving and those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.
We honor you as we now step into the holiday season, and we want to hear your stories and will try our best to be the strong ones as we hold you tightly now as you have held us safely.
Add your light to the light fo those around you and we all together show such brightness ...
Put on your shades today as we together will outshine the sun.
Walk in Beauty


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fluff said...

Hello Dr. Sherry and friends. I hope your day is going well and those who have been under the weather are feeling a bit better today. My work day is over shortly but was extremely busy. I am weary and ready to go home and relax and maybe take a short nap. Tomorrow is a full moon so you know what that means here in a Detroit Hospital. Very busy times! I saw the moon this morning coming in to work and it was beautiful, bright and very large.
Thank you Dr. Sherry for your words and thoughts about the loss of children. No matter the age, or the circumstanc, it is always devestating. I am grateful that there are days to expecially remember that loss by lighting a candle in their memory, repeating their name and thinking of them.
Take care friends and have a wonderful evening. /Sandy♥

Dot/Mom said...

It is a good time for rememoring those we loved who have past away especially our young ones. I remember my little brother gone to soon in a bad car accident when he was only 20yrs. old. I remember my little nephew, gone to soon. Now I only have one brother left that I have not seen in years. There are no male members left in my family. It is so sad. I do have two great nephews who are the love of my life. I am so proud of them and it is wonderful to be near them. So many of my friends have lost their children. I remember my Mom saying it is not right the parent should go first. I cant imagine losing my child. Thank God for our service men who are out in the cold protecting us and then there are people who walk the streets and beg and are homeless by their own choosing. Giving to them and others always make a person feel better. My nephew called me the other day and told me about his Thanksgiving day. He went to a homeless shelter and helped feed many homeless. He said he felt so good when the day was over and he had helped someone. I often told my family that is what we should do instead of sitting around a nice warm fire eating up all of the good food cooked. We should do something good for someone each day. Thank you for reminding us of the Candles being lit across the Nation. God Bless USA.

Anonymous said...

very touching words and many things
to think about ..
yes, holidays can unwrap the sadness in our sprits and you have
mentioned many tools to use to ease that burden..
you are wonderful and insightful.
Thanks Doc for all you do,
have a blessed day everyone,
hugging my angels ♥ sign me,