Monday, November 26, 2012

Cyber Monday and oh my the choices out there...

Healing Heartaches
on of the millions of books you can get on Cyber Monday all over the world!
Yet you can order it autographed with a special freeby at
and if you add 7.99 to your order you may also order the newly published:
Yep, it's Cyber Monday and those are also available to you at the website above autographed and with a free gift for ya!
wow, I don't know about you but my email box was filled with thrills and deals this weekend and especially today... enticing and offering me the best ever deals I could imagine. Seems they are making Black Friday only an event for those who like exercise and mingling with others while trying to keep up!
Yes it has been quite the weekend and the consensus seems to be,
"how did it get to be over so soon?"
Seems those weekends fly by and at times the Monday through Thursday go so slow for so many but that is sure to change now that we are full tilt into the holiday season!
While into this thing we know as
Cyber Monday, it is a great day to look for local and independent artisans; and of course I will remind you of a great woman who is gifted in her arts:
Kelly Two Wolves has been here in Florida recently and I was thrilled to see first hand the works she does.
Please visit her for those one of a kind gifts you may be thinking of for the special someone on your list or for yourself!
I do so hope you are putting something on that list for yourself this year!
She is an awesome artisan and gifted in many ways, here's a look and I hope you will give her a holler and say hello!
      As you think of the many and those on the list, remember there are also other gifts to give; the gift of charities that need so many to stand with a dollar, a toy, a can of food perhaps.
The gift of baked cookies, a post card or card of greeting to others that will know you are thinking of them.
The gift of a thought, a phone call an email, some joyous noise to remind you and others that you are alive !
As the internet slows today and many are clicking those keys to find those bargains and the many things available; may you find ways to enjoy this day.
Monday has power, it has the ability to make folks think about it even on a Sunday it seems.
Hoping you will find reasons to dance today, if only in your thoughts as we begin a new week of possibilities and hopes along with dreams.
A day of chills and hopefully of good times while knowing that for many it is a time of sadness and of grief triggers or news that is perhaps not so good.
As our light burns may we refuel it, taking best care of self in the hurried and fast pace of these days.
I wish you enough.
Walk in Beauty
"remember Lily Tomlin, who was known to say, FOR fast acting relief, try slowing down!"


fluff said...

Hello Dr. Sherry and Friends. Happy CyberMonday to you all. Yes indeed those four days sure went by quickly and now back to work until Christmas week. I hope it will pass as quickly as the off days do. I saw some of the cyber Monday deals. I did a lot of on-line shopping over the weekend so I am about finished.
Brrr, it is cold here this morning and frosty car to scrape the windows before leaving. I hope the sun is shining where you are and your day is fill with joy and peace and I hope our friends who have been under the weather feel some better today. Take care friends. /Sandy♥

oshkosh said...

Speaking of choices out there. My choice today is to stay home!!!! I am THANKFUL I have a job, but wanna stay home. Gotta hit the grind again, and don't want to.
Sure others feel the same, after being off---like Gloria Gaynor--I will survive----but that's not "the way I like it"----wanna just be "takin it easy"--Eagles. Resting isn't bad, just hard to get started this morning. Prayers to all. Nobody bettah not try to "make my day" today at work---LLOOLLL!!!!!! Just kiddin--sorta!!! At least I won't be able to "hear" any negatives---I can just work with my thoughts in my head---Wishing all of you a wonderful day, and Prayers again to ALL.

Anonymous said...

happy monday to all !!
sounds as if Osh is feeling a bit
more like herself today , may just be that the OK flu , just flew away from her.. the power of our gentle warrior's prayer is amazing in the least .. thoughts and prayers still leaving my heart for Sandy and Laura and EE as well.. I just gotta say , I must be living here in the dark ages with all this cyber shopping stuff, I have heard many folks say they find amazing deals on lineand for sure , it beats standing IN LINE but I am leary of putting my private info out THERE .. too many incidents of identity theft and too many scams. I also don't like the idea of my name being put on hundreds of virtual mailng lists, but once again, I much prefer the old fashioned ways..
I love today's words and reminders of sending a post card, dropping a handwritten letter to a long time friend, baking some goodies to share with my neighbors and most of all , connecting heart to heart to those peeps I am blessed to have as part of my life.. One of my most favorite holiday traditions is gifting to a child who believes in the magic of Santa yet lives in unfortunate circumstance.. and visiting a local facility for the elders, who light up my heart with a blissful smile as they speak of their history, and times of long ago ...
I enjoyed the clip of TWOWOLVES awesome artwork, she certainly is one talented lady.. thank you for sharing, and I'm sure she'll find herself quite busy making those special gifts of love.. and of course, Doc, a timeless gift of a copy of 'Healing Heartaches', a truly unique gift to the spirit.
This morning was another chilly one here, as I headed out at the break of day to see the doc, 41 degrees!! yikes ! I might just have to put antifreeze in the car if this keeps up.. LOL.. and now, the sky is the brightest of blues, sunshine warming the earth as well as my soul.. I will embrace this day and have a ' dance on my desk' Monday, even if it's only in my head..I enjoyed sitting in the sunshine as I read the newspaper, and gathered my thoughts for the game plan for the day . Rest and relaxation tops my list..
Have a wonderful day everyone !!
hugging my angels, ♥, sign me,

DrSES said...

oHHHH HOW DELIGHTFUL to hear from all here today, and to think that Osh, A, and others may be actually getting it>>> "rest, relax and get well" warriors!
yes yes YES..

Dancing on the Monday we are if only in our hearts and minds, that may be just enough... I wish you all enough!