Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Yep, it's a great day here in Tampa Bay... and I am honored once again to join with Scott Legere behind the mike of Dangerous Conversation the radio show LIVE this afternoon from 4-6pm! One thing is certain, I will be met at the door by fine men who control the sound, the energy will be off the chain, and Lege will be as fine and as uncensored in his feelings, his passion and his thoughts as he ever is. Those two precious labs will come up to me for their Dr. Sherry love and wonder where their treats are that I always promise but seem to always forget and I wonder who will call in and what we will talk about as we keep it real there in that room where it gets as real as real can be, in honesty and in times where tears mix with laughter as men just don't cry (NOT).

I have decided I LOVE being on radio; lookin for Lege to hook me up with his producer Cynthia for my own show someday I'm thinkin; she is one fine woman she is... with a heart and passion that can't be beat.

Dangerous Conversations, today will be a powerful show... tune in it's on the internet and you can find it right here in real time, with those who have walked the walk:

On -

Folks have probably liked Dangerous Conversation on Facebook, some are not quite brave enough, some have listened to him as he talks sports, or reports on the Tampa Bay Bucs; many know of him just like this brief description:

Scott Ledger's Airwork:WAQY WZTA WXTB WTBT WHPT Buccaneers Radio Boundary Tester ... Rabbit Hole Diver Critical Thinker, and a guy with just an all around sweet and good heart!  He's at home behind the mic, and has some pipes that just won't quit when he hits the air.  He can be raw, he can be tender and appreciative filled with respect when he's talking to vets, active duty or those who have loved someone and lost so much or so many.  He's a damn good guy.

Today's show is going to be another that is real, that will fill your senses and will keep you listening as we hear the stories of those who have been through it.  We are going to be spending some time with two veterans and hear their stories, give them some time, talk to them and keep it real.  I hope you will join us as we take to the air today with those who have served our country and now take the time to spend some time in Dangerous Conversation with Lege and me.  I am honored.

 Stephen Funk - Marine -

5pm - Robert Patrick Lewis - Green Beret -

Dangerous Conversation Airs Monday-Friday 2-6pm EST hope you enjoy, but buckle your seat belt!

I wish you enough.
Walk in beauty
Prayers goin up for those in the storms path this week, hold on and get to shelters...


oshkosh said...

Thanks for the link---- IIIIII REEEEAAAADDDDYYYY---

fluff said...

Dr. Sherry, I hope it was a good show tonight. Would love to listen to it also.
Have a nice evening. /Sandy♥