Friday, May 31, 2013

You've Got What It Takes!

YOU've got what it takes to sing your song, to dance to the beat in your heart, to be the best you that even YOU haven't seen yet... It's a day to sing your song!!! To make some joyous noise wherever you are, whatever YOU are doing, whatever the circumstance or the moment you might find yourself in or pondering.  YOU can set the tone, the direction, the feelings and attitude... ONLY YOU can make the sound clearer in your head, the rhythm in sync with your world and clear your thoughts in right way relations by digging deep, by working the plan to reach for the light. 

 YOU are the light that shines brightly within, a combination of tears and light that makes the most brilliant rainbow that others stand in awe gazing at, knowing its sign and message... YOU are the one that can rise from the ashes as the phoenix if you choose to, often making life changing choices and desires happen, and touching family, friends and community in ways yet to be discovered along the way with a clear head and good deeds.  YOU are a beacon, so let yourself shine and perhaps we will decrease that stress that is sweeping the Nation and find those words that escape us so easily these days while making us think we have lost our precious minds and our way along the journey.  Stress is affecting the world, our neighbors, family, friends and community; worry is keeping folks sleep deprived altering the way we used to be, the way we think, live fully and love purely.  Our minds, those brilliant brains are on overdrive, limiting the ability to find words, to cope well, to stay well physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Somehow folks have started looking at things not being fair, not being right, and have stopped counting blessings and enjoying what is and lives within them.  There is so much good.

Yes, there is pain of losses, pain of shock and grief that is cumulative. There is that missing those who have gone on and now dance across the galaxies. It is normal to miss someone that has loved and loved you... It is how it has always been and will always be, and yet life is for the living, for the remembering them, say their names and bring them here where they lived and live forever in the stories and the hearts while living fully in the now, through the pain and the beauty.

Inhale the beauty, inhale the blessings... exhale through the mouth the stress, the angst, the pain and feel the shift, feel the movement as your light shines brighter and is shared by others.... Celebrate this day, the good that surrounds you. Look for the goodness. Smile and notice it reflected back, as others feel that presence, those words and the energy ... Laugh often as the brain cannot experience laughter and stress at the same time. LOVE/LAUGHTER WINS!

Think... before you find the words, slow down and then speak. It may be time for a new and different story or time to break the old tapes that keep you stuck in the loop that plays in the brain causing the same stress over and over and over again... remember those 8 track tapes, the cassettes we used to tighten with a pencil, the ones that played over and over? It may be time to pull that tape out on old stories that do not serve you, and start anew with good stories, good messages to that brain; keep what is worth keeping and get rid of the rest.  YOU are worth it, YOU are the one to give you the messages and the brain loves consistency... repeat after me, "I am awesome, I have what it takes"! Good job, now be good to you.

 Fire up that brain of YOURS... put your heart and soul into it... knowing that Creator gave you all you need to move and to do all that you can with a song in your heart as you dance, pray, play and make joyous noise.

Have a blessed weekend, 

I wish you enough
Walk in Beauty,


fluff said...

Thank you Dr. Sherry for your uplifting words today. Very thought provoking, so true and needed for ones heart and soul. Have a wonderful day - Yeah - It's Finally Friday!!

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