Thursday, May 2, 2013

NYC, where the lights will dazzle

 Just wow, the lively streets of NYC in Times Square! Dancing in the Streets and even danced on Broadway I did... over and over being like a kid in a candy store and having the best of times . . . and now home I find that there's once again no place like HOME. Granny used to say that it was great to go places but there but oh so great to get home . And this week I think I will have to rest my eyes from all the sights that I saw, the people watching I did, the stories I heard and the bright lights big city that again leaves me to wonder how folks do it 24/7 with such a pace, sounds, sights, and in high heels to boot.  There were a few times I stood amazed at how close one can get to another from vehicles to vehicle as the next photo will show while blowing the horn at the same time. Mad skills and crooks behind the wheel of the famous yellow cabs I might just add. Had a few words with one of them. Me 1 - yellow cab 0. yay me.

We managed to get past this truck and another car on the other side like threading a needle... it was rather interesting, as I noticed the intricate pattern of the red and silver design out the window and the depth of the tire tread we approached. Gotta love NY!
YOU really gotta love NYPD, and they were all over the place in NYC. They had a high presence at the hotel, and that offered me a remarkable opportunity to visit with many of them at different times. I was honored and met some outstanding officers there. Thank you all for all that you do, that you stand for. Stay safe and may the Creator bless you it was awesome to spend some time.

The days were crisp and beauty could be found on the streets alive as folk were walkin and moving through the city, the smells of food changed as each block... Rain? No problem someone appeared on a street with a cart of umbrellas for sale, snap just like that! 

 Not wanting to take a crook in a cab/ no problem, a majestic horse drawn carriage saunters down Broadway, taking it's time. I sure hope it had earplugs for the sounds of the city, or you could find so many with a bicycle attached to a cart for two that was for hire to take ya right where you thought you wanted to go... So many options, so many one way streets.
  NYC is good for the spirit, good for self-esteem; YOU are always looking UP!

Wishing you a day like no other, and one that is filled with sights, sounds smells and textures that will amaze, delight and amuse...

Sending out some mad love to the NYPD/NYFD and those who serve today.

Sending out some "pay it forward' kindness to all who breathe and those who guide us from a distance, we are all connected.

Walk in beauty,


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fluff said...

Hello Dr. Sherry, Sure did love to see you words today and the photos. What a grand and memorable trip that had to be and what a place NYC. Can't imagine seeing all of that in one place. My dream is to someday go to NY and see the great Lady Liberty and all the other sights and sounds there. I feel weapy just to see her photos. Glad you are home and all was safe and well. Take care and have a restful few days. I hope all are friends are doing well. /Sandy♥