Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Oklahoma moving from search to round-up to rebuild

We have watched the devastation, listened and seen the footage, and those who have been interviewed behind scenes like the photo above. We are and have been sending all the love, prayers and energy to Oklahoma as we heard of the children, the adults, Elders who lost everything and lives lost so suddenly. The search and rescue now winding down and the good news is that the lives lost are less than first thought; the hands extending to another in Oklahoma enough to warm our hearts and encourage us to be better than we were last week across the Nation as we see the rebuilding taking place today, as we hear of folks coming together and homes being opened to strangers with love and with kindness extended in understanding and faith larger than any tornado can be extended now.

People who have not slept, sniffer dogs who have walked back and forth across sharp surfaces in pursuit of bodies buried, and when walls of schools and buildings managed to be lifted little children, dogs and adults managed to run out to safety giving hope, and giving way to responders and volunteers to continue to search, to go without sleep and to stand strong in the face of the storm.

We now know that Oklahoma is strong, they stated this was "not their first rodeo" and that they come together as neighbors and as friends to do what it takes ... they are doing just that from far and wide, and they will find what is needed to be up and running strong quickly.

The threat was still looming large yesterday, but many went to work as usual, they listened for the quiet and kept an eye on the sky; they drove through the Squall line getting home to safety, while in Moore they worked, they went through the debri that was their lives looking for all they could salvage and hold tightly to. the photos, the memories, for people and lives that may still be under walls and buildings. the hospitals and trauma centers fought hard to save lives, to restore balance in the moments after, the hours of uncertainty and I'm certain they prayed and they wondered about their families, their homes, their loved and cherished friends. the first responders detached, trying to forget their own children and the fact that they had family; so they could do what they are trained best to do and do it quickly. The Nation watched and wondered how and hoped that lives would be spared. Some seemed to not be affected at all as I glanced from time to time at posts on social media, and of course once again I was shocked by that.

Those who died went from 51 to 24 with 9 being children. The tornado power that went through there was likened to a mini bomb of Hiroshima in its effect, and cars were changed by its strength to a state of not being able to recognize their make nor model as if they had been sandblasted beyond all recognition.  More than 200 people were treated at hospitals, and some were just found to be dazed yet they were in clothes and shoes that were shiny. And we wondered how so many lives were spared.

Some folks there now have to rely on a gps or their smart phones to get where they need to go... all the street signs are now gone.  It is hard real hard to see for the folks that call that area home, yet faith is strong , hope is amazing and those in Oklahoma say they will get it done and the move is soon to be from the destruction to construction.
It will take time; true grit and determination and many will need to process this trauma.

Many there in Oklahoma have gotten used to living in a state where tornado's are a threat; cellars are built on properties and safe places are built into buildings in times like this and they are prepared in ways that perhaps kept that death toll down even with something as massive as this .

As I heard from our warrior here Osh, I remembered being in Oklahoma and she showed me the cellar(s) on her property, telling me of the one that the Chickasaw had built for her and I had never seen one before. I imagined having to be underground and that feeling that must accompany that in those times then.  She had let all her neighbors know of it, and come to find out they had all arrived during the sound of that alarm 2 days ago and were in there shoulder to shoulder. I cannot quite imagine but I was grateful that they were all safe.

 Looks like a good day in OK... but just like that the dark sky the quiet can come, the sound can alarm and the need to get to that cellar happen.

and once the door is opened... there are steps to the underground of safety there at Osh's ...

and once you are down there, I am thinking that door gets shut tight and you are safe. So when I asked what it was like...
Her reply was simply, "Dr. Sherry it WAS A PAIN IN THE ASS".

So there you have it, straight from one who knows and who has lived through the storms of Oklahoma and is one of the toughest women of kind spirit I met there, and who will be out helping others as they move through it and rise.

Kevin Durant the NBA basketball player jumped yesterday and let Oklahoma know that he will be donating 1 Million dollars to his beloved state ... Not only is he one fine player for Oklahoma THUNDER, but he loves his Oklahoma and was the first to slam dunk on that one.

Toby Keith the country Music star who calls Oklahoma HOME, who stands strong and is in there helping along with Blake Shelton who sang his heart out and now will do whatever it takes to add to the helpers in doing the helping.
Look for the goodness, look to the good... it is there, it will be there long after the storm.

Chief Pyle of the Choctaw Nation let folks know that he was sending out folks to Moore to help, to respond to be there and answer the call... that is just how Oklahoma takes care of each other.  Yakoke Chief and Choctaw Nation...

Gotta LOVE when folks reach out, when prayers are feet that move, and that is just how that works.

Walk in beauty,


Anonymous said...

I certainly cannot imagine such devastation.. Imma thinking that no matter how many times you prepare in your mind, go thru drills of practice for the real event that you are truly ever really prepared for seeing and dealing with the aftermath..My heart is full of prayers of thanks that there were not as many deaths as first reported..I am amazed at the strength and fortitude of the people and in particular, the firdt responders and folks like our warrior, Osh...
Hopefully today will bring sunshine
and some relief for them..
this reminds me that "THINGS are just THINGS".. life is fragile and precious and we should be grateful each day for what we have..
hugging my angels,
sign me, A.

oshkosh said...

Bless Kevin Durant, and Toby Keith for all they are doing, along with others who are helping in Moore and Shawnee Oklahoma. These cities are about 2 and a half hours from where I live, and I AM MORE THAN GRATEFUL that even though all around us, none touched down in my city. Hair raising---but gotta focus on the good in people who are picking up the pieces as best they can, and helping those, now homeless people. Makes the heart sick. GOOD words, sign me, A. Blessings to YOU in EVERY WAY.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ Osh .. you are too funny and very sweet .. Imma thinking the storms all around you have you just a wee bit over the edge ..
off to work I go ..
have a blessed day !!