Friday, May 10, 2013


"let's get together and feel alright" as we do this wonderful day of community in memory of the son of Susan and Greg Korabek, the brother of Kyle, and a kid loved by extended family and friends and neighbors. Even those who did not meet him in his short life, love him through the stories, the pictures, the videos!
We will gather, we will dig deep and feed the raffles to hope for the win of great donations, but mostly we will offer support and give to a bigger reason: To raise awareness and education with the deepest hope that this would never happen to another.  Landon lives on and strong through One Love that his parents used to get through the pain of devastation and loss; and today they will feel the love, feel the community wrap their arms around their hearts as we come together in One Love, one mission, One Heart remembering and honoring his life and the music he loved so much! Hope to see you there...

Landon Korabek, just a kid who was raised with great morals, great values, great parents and a brother who loved him. Just a kid who loved to skate board, loved his friends, and who loved music like not just ever kid loves music... A kid who took to the guitar like a fish to water, and played one wicked wild and wonderful guitar; he was just that good! Music filled his soul in a way that usually is only found in an old soul that "gets it", but Landon "got it, and used his fingers to move his soul and anyone who was listening at the time. He was a young kid who loved life, and from the time of being little he was a trickster, a fun loving and enjoyable child... liking to delight and to shock and surprise both his parents, extended family and friends. He was just a kid... an extremely talented and good kid. A kid that his parents loved and nurtured along the way, from a silly little one through to a teen and we all know how teens are... sillier and sarcastic and funny and with minds of their own.  Oh how he was loved, and to get a serious photo like the one below I think they had to agree to the group they could show their real side of silly as a barter... ah, well played parents very well played.

May 11, 2013; fast forward to the now of it.
the annual OneLove Jamfest remembering Landon Korabek with music, laughter mixed with tears of remembrance, tears of missing him will be held at the Thirsty Marlin in Palm Harbor from around 1230-around 7pm... I am most honored to be asked to kick this event off tomorrow as we gather; as the community shows up and shows out. 

A kid, gone too soon and missed terribly after making a bad choice, a mistake, and sometime in the night forgetting to breathe, after fun with friends... and his life ended on May 7, just three years ago.  this is the Landon tree, it grows in the neighborhood that he was born to, that he skate boarded through his lifetime. it is home to those who love him, have supported his family, that housed his friends and pals.  A place that people still go to for solace and often hang things on its branches in love and support of Landon, their thoughts and love still united in OneLove. It is seen daily by his beloved parents who walk the neighborhood and keep watch of its growth, its gifts, its place now that is sacred to all there in that tight knit community.  He is a part of so many in ways that keep him alive and them thriving now, walking through hell and into the light. Music has been a healer, arms that hold have been salvation. His death has stood for something great as we prepare to gather and to raise monies that will help ensure that lives are saved through awareness; along with scholarships that will allow students who love music as much as Landon to continue on letting their music play on through Ruth Eckerd Hall's scholarship fund.
One kid, one lethal mistake/bad choice, so young yet his light now shines through this event and his presence felt by each chord each song, each hand that will extend to another as a community and friends, family fly in from all across the country to gather...  

The cardinal has been chirping here and at the Korabek's singing its refrain, letting the colors blaze in the sun... messengers are talking if those who can will listen and feel the joyous noise about to be heard... Hope is in the air... as musicians will gather at no charge to sing, play and bring down the house remembering Landon, the kid who could play that guitar like no ones business. Greg Korabek has been practicing, he has worked his plan and will take to that stage with so many and play with all his strength; a Dad's grief into harmony with spirit on One Love as Landon watches as he probably will be up to trickster ways from not so far a distance on this special and sacred day...
 Friends and family and even those we have yet to meet will show up and show out... some will delight and surprise... some will make us shake our heads as laughter will be heard and the Universal connection of healing will shift the energy in ways that there are no words for... it is a day that will be long set in the brain, nervous systems and bodies of all who are there.

 The Thirsty Marlin has some great food, wonderful wait staff, and they are gracious with their space, and they know the why of it all... they are supporting this event and for that I extend a great thank you to them. I only wish Landon were to be there in person, to be on that stage playing... yet when I think of that, if he were there, we would not be gathering would we? Things can get so complicated when you over think it... I'm sure we will feel him, will have signs of him throughout the day, will meet others there who want to meet these amazing parents and those who will have their own stories of healing heartaches, of walking their own road... and then again there will be those who just come for a good time and there is not a thing wrong with that!

 I will wish them enough, wish them hope in healing ways, wish them a good day and great time... and offer to hold them UP...
 and at some point I will make a point of asking them to look around... and comment that they all LOOK ALIKE... in a sea of T-shirts that they have all just purchased and put on saying OneLove Jamfest 2013... and the day will officially begin!
Let the day be filled with the spirit of so many gone to soon and hope in healing ways for all who gather and everyone everywhere...
 Many blessings to the Korabek/Schram tribe from my heart to yours as you prepare for tomorrow.
A special shout out to Scott Leger of radio land for pimping this event for them... I'll be on his show May 29th for some real radio...

Here's to you all for a splendid weekend... 



Anonymous said...

such a beautiful and honest tribute to a wonderfully strong family and their precious son...
for those who do not know this type of devastating loss, I wish you a lifetime of cherishing your children fully and completely.. each day , in spite of the many mistakes they will surely make ..
and for the family of Landon, I extend my sincere wishes for a beautiful celebration of his life, the strong and indestructible love you will always share and hold close in your heart ..
Bless you for having the generosity to share your story in the hope of helping other teens who may struggle to avoid the wrong choice in the moment of being a fun loving and carefree teen .. my respect for you is immense..
Blessings to all at the JAMFEST and
blessings to all on this day ~
Thanks again Doc, for all you do for so many ...
hugging my angels, ♥
sign me, A.

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