Monday, May 20, 2013

Happy Monday oh my the sun is shining

blue skies, sun shining, gentle breeze, and Happy Monday to all as we get ready for the best of all things! Look UP, stand UP, get ready to defy gravity as you move into your day with an attitude of great gratitude that you ARE you.  No one will ever be you, and you will never be anyone else, so it is all the more reason to be the best you possible!

I sure hope you had the best of the weekend, heard the best of music, or made the best of what you found on your road, your path, your stops and goes...  it was grand from my view as I was most selective in what I listened to and who I surrounded myself with.  The energy was positive, the music was keen, and the rhythm of life most beautiful, even with the annual flip from the bow of the boat on Lake Tarpon after feeling the wind on my face and the comfort of great family of choice.  Seeing the majestic Eagles sitting a limb apart as if waiting for our arrival only then for one to take flight spreading those wings as in dance in concert to the bluest of skies and the music that played just for our eyes to witness at just that moment.

Life is better than good, when you surround yourself with goodness and allow the Universal Energy to flow through you and receive it from others.  Let that energy propel you today and as you place one foot in front of the other, taking in that goodness, breathing in the good, exhaling the angst, the fear, the anger or stress.

Take in that which is good for you... being mindful to surround yourself with all that feeds and nourishes your soul, your spirit, your brain and release those things that do not serve you well.

this is the message of this day.
Short and to the point:

Let's go...

Walk in beauty,


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Anonymous said...

Happy flip lady. Glad you had a good time on the water and got to be with that family of choice..that is so important. Here is hoping you have a grand day...and all you deserve.