Thursday, May 23, 2013

In Oklahoma, the sorrow, pain, and strength

We continue to pray with our feet moving, our hearts beating, our thoughts surrounding all those there and everywhere. As we hear of a shift from search and recovery transitioning into wrapping folks into safe places and assisting them with the necessities while crews begin the haul of debri, thoughts now shift to the re-build of communities as they show us who they are with resilience.  

Now funerals are being planned, the shock is wearing off a bit, and hard losses and profound grief is being felt in ways that boggle the senses yet there is a strength that we hear in interviews, in actions. But there are those funerals that are being planned, there have been those episodes of looting that we have heard of and the quick interventions and apprehensions that were made. I was so hoping that this event would be the exception to that ugliness, this time it would be different. and in some ways it has been.  The scumbags that thought they could get away with such things were caught in a swift moment trying to steal what was not theirs and for that I was glad.

There have been remarkable things that happened quickly; the acts of human courage and that of kindness. The video of a woman who was being interviewed and her dog was found during the same moment is one that comes to mind.  The walls of buildings and the school being lifted by first responders who themselves have children, to find others run out to safety... that will stay with us for a long time to come as we hug our loved ones tighter and feel more gratitude than we have ever felt before.  The act of Kevin Durant of the OKC Thunder as he quickly left the court to donate 1 million dollars for his home state soon followed by the NBA and others without a thought, but only concern for people and love that seemed to be so very real in the re-build and wanting others in that state to hold tightly to hope.

We saw Trace Atkins the country music star come on television and talk of his son-in-law who ran to the scene, almost wrecking his truck, impaling his foot on a nail, getting treatment and then joining the helpers... we heard of his family member losing her home, and his desire and determination to put up the money, to stand strong for his state, a place he calls HOME... we listened and watched Blake Shelton and his wife sing on t.v.; a performance that he got through with tears in his eyes, love in his heart, now scheduled to do a performance for his state, his place he calls HOME, and hear that he has had over 500 texts of stars wanting to help, to do the same.

the goodness of those with money, with fame, with connections all giving hope to those who have lost loved ones, lost their homes, lost their very ability to lay their heads down on their beds now know they are never alone...

We've seen the pictures, we've held them in prayer, in thought, and with the Universal Energy that I have no doubt they are feeling this moment; Oklahoma feels the Nation, the world and we have united as on relation, connected in tragedy once again showing why we are the strongest of the strong.  Random acts of kindness in times of tragedy when we are always the best of the best... 

There is no distance, no lines that divide, no nothing that keep us from responding as America. This is how it can and should be 24/7 in the good, the bad and the ugly. We are seeing it real time, right now.

 We have seen it; we have read about it, it is happening now for the people that have been hit hard in Oklahoma and it is still happening.

More than 2 hours away, in Choctaw Nation, Chief Pyle has sent his first responders, his people to that area to lend hands, feet, hearts to help.  Choctaw Nation is now setting up financial support in their Nation with net proceeds going to help.  They are just that good, just that beautiful in spirit.

A pet company has just sent their first load of food by truck to OK, to help with the needs of the animals, they get the need.

I am so proud of cuz Angie Loy in Virginia, she has found a way to hook up with Gleaning For the World and is now directing an effort for Oklahoma with her work; Pulaski Health and Rehab. She will be all over it in her community as she asks for donations to come in now; she is involving the community; the kids.  
 May 23rd-Wednesday May 29th~ Donations will be accepted 9am-7pm at the Activity Office~~

Items being collected: Bottled water, Gatorade, Baby Wipes, Combs, Brushes, Toothpaste, Toothbrushes, Soap, Shampoo, Deodorant, Batteries & Flashlights, Work Gloves, Paper Products & Laundry Detergent~
ALL ITEMS WILL BE DELIVERED TO GLEANING FOR THE WORLD IN CONCORD, VA. She may have to drive them there herself to meet those big trucks heading to Oklahoma and since she has never been there, who knows she might just talk them into a road trip!

(guess I better give Osh a heads up, she might have company) LOL
This is prayers going up and answered for the needs of Oklahoma when feet move and arms are extended.

There are some mighty warriors who are standing strong as we approach Memorial Day weekend when ROLLING THUNDER is on the road heading to and arriving in the Nation's Capital.

One Chapter that I know of that hails from Arkansas is making a detour ... after hearing that the Westboro Baptist Church plans to picket the funerals in Oklahoma, these bikers are now heading to Oklahoma to protect the line of the funeral home, to join with others in protecting the families, friends, the loved ones there... they will be joined by others, by vets, probably by the Patriot Guard and by some fierce protectors... to stand the line in honor and shield those who are there to pay respect.
This poster got to me yesterday: 
All I could do was feel anger and pray that many show up to protect this child and his family from WESTBORO HATE CHURCH.

 May the Creator hold Nicolas Scott McCabe's family tightly as they mourn his precious life gone too soon; as many gather to remember him and I also hope that many will form the line of angels to protect them from anyone who thinks they have a right to be there and raise their ugly heads with their sick presence.
 Bless you precious child and all those whose lives were lost as a state and town will soon gather to remember, may you be safe as you gather.

I sure hope that Cherokee Nation, the Choctaw Nation have gotten wind of the antics planned an plan to stand along with so many in the face of protection for these families there as we honor the victims, the fallen, the children of Oklahoma.

One thing is certain, Oklahoma is a strong people who will not tolerate the bullshit of Westboro, nor do those who stand the line.

So many doing such great things and acts of such kindness such bravery... we are all connected.

Thank you first responders, please take best care of you.

Walk in beauty


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