Monday, May 6, 2013

Finding a burial plot for a terrorist who kills on Americans on our soil...

These colors do not run; we stand for the rights and freedoms that men and women continue to fight day and night 24/7 for USAll to remain free. Yet how quickly it seems we have become complacent ... 9/11 killed thousands at the hands of terrorism; responders who never ever could have been prepared jumped and offered to serve, to be at the ready, to absorb the smells, sights, sounds, cries... To stand by, to take it on and take it in. Our Nation came together like never before as UNITED. People reached out to strangers like never before; we began again to look out for each other, to wave at each other, streets lined with flags, with unity...

We've watched through the years as people stopped paying attention, as the waves and goodwill seemed to stop as well. The kindness and compassion replaced by increased unrest, increased fears and hatred at an all time high. We have become lazy again, not paying attention again at our surroundings and those who do harm. We watched in horror the events at Sandy Hook and the innocence of children and educators slain as all eyes were on the News and the compassion be replaced by parties divided on gun control and who has the most money to back who.

We watched the Boston Marathon and saw a child holding the fence with absolute joy in his face as so many there were having the best of times and running for all they were worth while the streets were lined with others who were as enthused as one can be on a beautiful day; a day similar to that morning of 9/11. just a grand day it was.

And then someone, two someone's to be exact sat down bags and strolled away before the unimaginable happened. LIVES LOST IN AN INSTANT, and so many limbs blown off the precious bodies that carried them there. Lives forever changed.

We were glued to televisions, we were fearful once again that acts of terrorism had walked upon our soil since that day our world stood still. It wasn't that long until the horrid explosion of Texas and no one breathed wondering ... could it possibly be terrorism?
It thankfully was not, yet it was devastating.

We heard the uncle of these to men/murderers/terrorists claim them unworthy of life itself and that he had distanced himself from them long before; he called them losers.

We then hear from the parents; the proud papa who called the young one and Angel and threatened the USA should he die. His so called "angel son" ran over his brother lest he not know. He threatens the United States after his sons has used bombs to kill? Seriously?
The mama, we must remember just loves her boys; is having a raving fit in her grief and disdain for our country.  Perhaps she too is a terrorist in her hatred of the USA? I do not personally care what she is, but wouldn't you think she would want her precious boy buried in her own land so that she could grieve him properly there with her hatred and shared love for him now?

So finding a burial plot is a struggle now we read, folks are standing with signs outside funeral homes and cemeteries up north Now... 
GOOD.  They are the people that live in those communities and have loved ones buried at those sites. They do not want his remains there; he is not from there, he has no sense of belonging there.

The uncle is facilitating all of this we are told; the same uncle that said those boys do not deserve to live is now the one who is doing this for the nephew that was not worthy of living?
Interesting how that is working out.  

The question is this... Why in the world can this not be made simple for those who now are struggling to survive the traumas of that day?

Why can't the one who murdered and had no business being in the USA with his hatred of our country; the same one we provided an education to and sounds as though we the people supported to a large extent... why WHY aren't his remains being shipped C.O.D. to his prideful parents and call it a wrap?

That is the question.

Finally is the statement; a bill should be sent that is payable immediately to the hospital that saved the life of the "angel son" to date; or perhaps there could be a trade. Pay for what is owed on the care provided and we will ship your terrorist dead son to you and call it even. That or we can give him a USA slip from a ship in the shroud the uncle just did for him in the Atlantic and allow them to pick.

Just keepin it real here. Cos' I am fed up with the idea that anyone thinks they can harm our people or our USA.



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Dot/Mom/Cob said...

Hey you are right on with this burial thing. I think they should burn him and then send the ashes COD to the parents who think these men are so wonderful. We are letting the people doing these crimes off too easy. They better keep an eye on that wife, really living with him in a tiny apartment and not knowing what was going on? Give me a brake you are not blind and you have good hearing. Look and look good for the rest of the terriorist in our wonderful country, take them out and check all of the pass ports and send them back. God Bless USA Thank you Dr. SES for bringting this message to us.