Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Each person, each view, each step

 Hello everyone and just everything! As we move through each step of the day, our view changes, whether we are walking in great strides or taking baby steps ... at our own pace in our own times there will be beauty to be found. IF we can find the courage to look up, look around, look down. In times of great stress, pain of loss, times of grief (new or those resurgences), in times of fear or worry... if we take the time to look, in our own way we will find signs, messengers that allow hope, even on the darkest of days.  And we will come to realize that everything is different, everything changes, and we are changing always and it does take time to get our feet on solid ground.

 There may be times when we look at something that we saw just the day or hours before and see change; see shifts in thinking or see beauty where just a moment ago it seemed not to be there... life can be like that, our senses can be like that, it is our journey, our time, our steps, our eyes.  Yesterday, I sat outside and there were no blooms on a jasmine tree, no blooms on the hibiscus; yet this morning I walked outside and the fragrance filled my senses, the tree was alive in bloom... a tree that I had almost given up on had a magnificent bloom of hibiscus in full color almost the size of a salad plate... just waiting for me to notice.  This week the cardinal has made its appearance, not just to the trees... but dancing and hitting on the tree so close at hand, dancing on the screen of the lanai, making certain that I understood "I am here, the messenger has come, do you understand now?"
We must be open to the messengers in order to receive them in all their amazing grace and to learn to let go of that which holds us in order to receive the many gifts that allows us to move and to dance into and forward.  It may not be how it was, but it can be wonderful in newness of the promise that it is.
If you are alive to read this, it is a grand day; a day that you can live the legacy of those that have gone on to the next place while seeing all the many sights and hearing the sounds, smelling the fragrances of life in all its wonder here and now. 
 There will be times that everyone finds themselves caught up in the steps of others, the demands of others, the wants of others, the pain of self and of others.  It is human nature it seems... yet fear and worry have yet to make for a different outcome to date on any issue or heartache as I know of.  We live in a world that is not as safe as we remember from our youth, as we have youth who seem to not respect the old school way of life that most of us remember; life seemed so much more simple "back when or back then".  We see and hear news that we do not trust anymore, hear and witness rants of adults and their views as they try to convince us theirs is the only and best way to save God and Man from all that is, while forgetting history or using it to benefit their cause and effects of life as we have known it furthering causes and issues that have gotten out of hand.
In the process more fear is spread and man made (Congress style) issues continue and they make 6 figures while working less than 175 days a year, leaving regular folks wondering how they will live... life is complicated and grief is overextended as folks grieve in little ways the dream of how they thought it would be daily.
Then there is big grief, losses that mount up over time, cumulative grief, and folks forget how to breathe along the way, forget to stop and notice that the tide is still rolling in and rolling out and sunsets still astound and thrill the soul if we allow it to.
We have forgotten to let our inner child out to play and that allows us to feel ill more than well and then somehow the whole world feels badly on a physical, spiritual, emotional level.
We have forgotten or looked away rather than absorbing all the beauty that still surrounds us in each breath and each look through our most remarkable senses including our eyes, nose, ears, heart space.   
 Oh I remember this rose, and the carrots and radishes, I admired it for the longest time... The creativity that we all were born with but are not using that part of the brain so much these days to play, to wonder, to heal... we can do better with that, we can heal ourselves, our pain of loss, our grief with each step, in our own time, with support and someone to walk along side us as a guide. Sometimes we just have to take a BIG BITE of it... remind ourselves that their is joy in the world, there is beauty in the world and go for it full tilt like there is no tomorrow... We can learn so much from the kids, the 4 leggeds in what we observe, in how we learn to activate our hearts, and the play that is within us... 
take a big bite into your day and ENJOY IT...

Just like D'Vante and Kamryn did when here and the cupcakes were ready!

Life can be like that, BITE INTO IT, go for it, remembering that YOU are the legacy ... life is not a dress rehearsal! I wish you enough.

Walk in beauty,


Anonymous said...

Thank you for a beautiful message ..
yep, life is not a dress rehearsal, it is what it is .. do not blink and for sure, breathe deeply, be always grateful for the moment you are in.
One never knows what the day will bring ..
have a blessed day !
hugging my angels, ♥
sign me, A.

Anonymous said...

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DrSES said...

canon 6d was NOT the camera used for my photos folks... not sure where these posts are coming from that are anonymous, but just wanted to let you know... drses

fluff said...

Hello Dr. Sherry and friends. Thank you for your beautiful photos and message today. The last few days here are very lovely Spring days. Birds are singing their morning songs, flowers are getting ready to bloom, leaves are popped out on the trees. Very nice days. I hope all is well and your day is good. /Sandy♥

Dot/Mom/Cob said...

I am glad you are still getting messages, I, too am getting them and they are coming real often. It seems our hearts can be mended a little at the time with the new messages from above. I am sure Granny is looking down and is with us forever. I know she is very proud of Angie with her ACTIVITIES DIRECTOR CERTIFICATE. She raised over $3,000 for her Relay for Life fund. She had a lot of help from her family including her boys. Love the picture of the boys eating cupcakes in your home. Those were wonderful memories, some times we forget. It is time to stop and smell the roses and other beautiful flowers blooming. I received a beautiful tree for Mothers day with the boys helping plant it in my garden. Live, Laugh, Love. Blessings to all