Thursday, May 30, 2013

Looking for the words...

Sometimes, some days ... even some moments can be like that. A combination of colors sights sounds stress nerves all bound into the heart the brain the nervous system and we are in that moment, word finding. Just stunned and stopped for a moment looking for the words, those words that are right on the tip of our tongue yet cannot come out, lost somewhere in our brain and our thinking about so many things, so many people, so many issues, heartaches, good things all wrapped into a brain filled and nerves that are frayed or sending the wrong messages at the same time, mixing good with bad. Ever had those times?

Sure to be losing you ever loving mind, or wondering if dementia has set in or that you have just completely lost the word for "ammonia" as you search under cupboards shelves  and closets knowing what you are looking for but can't come up with the name of it... stress mounts and the desperation to find what ever it is you are looking for becomes more like a search and seize movie on CSI?

Or you could be involved in a conversation and hear the stories of another, trying to remain calm, remain neutral, knowing that each person has their own opinion, their own 1st Amendment rights, yet seem to have forgotten the responsibilities that come along with those rights, yet you are looking for the words to keep you from wanting to reach over the table and knock common sense into them? Ever had times like that... words are powerful, they sometimes get lost from the brain to the tongue before coming out from the mouth and we have to wonder if it is us or just the overwhelming amount of information we are already coping with.  Sometimes when trying and looking for words, it may be that the best thing is to laugh, to reset and rest the brain just for the moment. to laugh hard and loud as when we are doing that we just cannot experience stress at the same time. It may just be that is the answer to those times I'm thinking.

In times of great stress, heartache, fear, or even those times when we read or engage in conversations feeling our nerves get taut and our senses get alert... as we find the need to word find or search for words. That is the time to take a breath, to look for the humor in it, to stop searching and just find something that we can laugh at, even if it's at ourselves.

The worry will do no good, getting all jacked up will only increase the adrenalin and leave us weak afterwards... and unless we plan on lifting a car from someone in harms way I doubt it will help. folks will be a different as each rain drop, each snowflake, each sunset and so will we. We are each unique in that way. Each persons joys, pain, grief walk is unique.

And, that looking for words, word finding and losing your cell phone and car keys that are probably in your hand is happening to everyone around the globe cos' everyone is stressing out over things that they cannot control today, things and people that have their own way, their own path, their own rights to say what they want about what they believe.

And that is what makes us a free country because of those who signed a blank check to serve, some gave all while all gave some.

We all have responsibilities with those rights
we now stand with the true need to find the words and the actions to be a kinder more compassionate America
in our families, communities and nations.
Even though at times I have to look for and find the words... 

Asking for prayers today for my family in Southwest VA
as we surround all those who have asked
and continue to Stand for Oklahoma in strength and healing.

Now where did i put that stuff to clean my rings, what's it called again?
Walk in Beauty,


fluff said...

Good thoughts and words today Dr. Sherry. It seems the last month of so my mind has been in such a fizzle that the I can't even think of words to respond so I don't/can't/no words to say or come out on typing either. (Don't ask me where the word fizzle came from either - it just popped out so I typed it LOL - but that is the only word I could use to describe the last weeks and how I have been feeling ☺ ) It has been a horribly stressful, horrendous, frustrating, sad month for me. I hope that once it is over tomorrow, the 31st, the thoughts and words will begin to return and bad news will simmer down some.

I hope you found your stuff to clean your rings and the thoughts and words will be easier to find. Take care and have a good rest of the day/Sandy♥

DrSES said...

We are all praying and thinking of you Sandy and your community there who is devastated by the loss and hurt ... many blessings and remember to be gentle with yourself, taking one step at a time now. Blessings,

(it was the ammonia I was lookin for) but now on to the next task...

fluff said...

Thank you Dr. Sherry for your kind words, prayers and good thoughts. Yes, just one step at a time does it best. Glad you found the Ammonia you were looking for ☺ LOL Sandy♥

Dot/Mom/Cob said...

My goodness girl I am sure this column was written for me. Words sometimes I cannot find when having a conversation. I stop and think and think and I just let it go and eventually it will come back to me. I tell so many people of this happening and guess what, it is happening to them also. Then you meet the person that can tell you everything that has happened in their life, they know places, dates, people and all events. I think I would just like to slap them for remembering so much when I have such a time remembering. Oh well, I am not going to worry about it. I think I will just give the worries I have to God and he will take care of it for me. I had a wonderful day today received some news that made me happy, cry and scream Thank you God. What great news we can have after having so many tears, prayers and so much to worry about. I think I need to stop that and go on with living whatever the problem may be. I must have faith that everything will be ok and live life to the fullest. Oh me, what was I talking about, it is past my bedtime. Just had my phone call goodnight from a sweet and loving boy, he sounded so sleepy and should have been in bed at least one hour ago. And how was your day? love and blessings to all. We are praying for all of you here in Southwest Va.. Blessings