Saturday, December 28, 2013

2013 is coming to a close...

It's almost time to get our journals out, almost time to get those things ready for our time capsules for the 2013 put away's and hides... (or for the trash never again to be seen or thought about again). Almost time to say so long to 2013 and get ourselves ready to ring in a new and promising year.

Are YOU ready? Are you wondering as I am, where did the time go so quickly once again?

2013 has been quite the year as we look back and hear from others... A sad year for so many, a year of devastation for many more around our lands and seas... A year of high ugliness like I cannot ever remember in times before, not even back in the day when we walked arm and arm for civil and human rights do I remember such ugliness on a daily basis as witnessed on social media, through the thoughts of others. I won't talk about politics, about the White House, the Senate and House and Congress, other than to say, "shame on you" as the people continue to worry, suffer and shake their heads wondering what has happened to common sense, compassion and "We The People, for and by the People".

I continue to stand amazed at a war that has lasted as long as the terror attacks of 9/11 while aide to the very people who attempt to harm the USA is given so freely as people in the USA are hungry and without resources and Veterans are without care and follow through, compassion and kindness.  I stand with a sad heart as I hear and witness acts of violence against brothers and sisters for no reason, or that teens were bored so they decided to take the precious life of another. What has happened to our world and the world of parenting?
2013 has shown that we have lost basic morals, values, in homes, schools, streets and communities. It is fostered by kids who hear, see and witness adults acting like asses on social media, hear rap/hip hop of violence in the streets with disrespect of all living things including Mothers, the President of the United States stated with such vengeance. We do not have to like something, but we certainly need to have respect in order to show our children the way of respect. Where has it gone?

2013, the year of massive disrespect as we saw Alan Thicke and Miley Cyrus on a stage. He a married man, she once a Disney Kid now all but nude "twerking" he committing a public song of "Blurred Boundaries" as the audience dropped their jaws while Miley's tongue appeared the size of a giraffe and her ass became glued to Alan's striped pants.  The money has poured in now for her, she is now known for her tongue, her twerk, and clearly the world went mad as the news continues to promote her with it, people continue to talk about it... Sex sells... as Beyonce's new secret Video that was released proves. Nudity with a voice that is awesome is now hitting big with no release date, no prompts... Beyonce has managed to hit it bigtime with her release for her fans. I can only imagine the teenage and adult males who are getting off to it daily.
HOWEVER, on a great NOTE:
Beyonce does good and great things, she had heard of a dying 12 year old's last wish to dance with her, to be sung to by her... and she made magic happen for that child.  So we must include the fact that Beyonce rose to the occasion, with her best self, the best version of her... no lip syncing, clothes on and was off the hook awesome!
Talent sells as well. 
Twerking with talent can sell, IF a person knows how to do it with style. Miley on the other hand in my most humble of opinions has neither, she is as they say; a one trick pony... I would much prefer goin' to the circus.

In other news as we put an end to this year...

The man known as Dick, oops I mean Weiner of New York finally got the message and did not get elected there. No one seems to have heard from him, so I imagine he is texting and happy under his rock.  The new and best gifts for Christmas were unavailable like every other year to purchase, but this year what folks ordered seemed to be delayed by weather, by uPS, USPS, and Fed X, but Target got the prize for messing folks up with the big credit card kafew... talk about bad news... good I do not shop there was my thought.

So then, it seems that many are looking forward to the NEW YEAR once again, and from all I can gather, glean, most are saying that they hope and pray it is a better year than the one we are now putting a close to. Interesting ... I do believe that is what I heard last year being echoed by people. It leads me to wonder.. I am wonder woman after all... I wonder A LOT.

If folks are always wanting a better brighter year each and every year... I wonder what they are doing with each day of the year they are blessed with to make it great, to own it, to claim it as theirs?  Surely something has to be good as we look back on this year...  We lost many wonderful people in 2013, our Nation went through many changes in 2013, each and every individual is going through something, been through something, is up against something, has some choices to make, some stances to take, some things they've walked through in 2013...

Oh yes, 2013 is coming to a close... It's time to make some decisions on what will go with you into the New Year, what will be put in the time capsule, what will be taken forward, what will be put in place to bring to you all that you need to be the best version of you!  
I wish you a many colors to paint your rainbow of all that you have to write in your plans, of what to leave, what to take, what you want for you...

2013 was an exciting year here...

Down The Hallway was published in the fall of the year, it is still in infancy and I have great hopes for it in 2014... It now has 14 five star reviews on Amazon! I am honored, I am blessed. My family is alive, we are still enjoying the holidays here in Florida as Kamryn flies between shooting hoops to virtual basketball gaming, then reading then to movies, then to wondering "what's to eat"... Life is good today.
Cuz Angie in VA is working round the clock these days with her residents at the Pulaski Rehab and Health Center making sure they know they are never alone, and feeling love there... D'vante is grown, he is now flying his wings out on his own. This was the first year that the ole' Godmother did not hear from him for Christmas... yes it was painful, yes it will take some getting used to. But, I have memories to sustain me, dreams for him to be safe and to find his place of peace while praying that he feeds the right wolf.  Olivia is on vacation in WVA with the mama and all is bright, all is right, all is safe... 
As we begin to close out 2013, may you all know peace, may you all remember laughter, and may you all know how to filter well while not giving away precious space in your brains to those that have no rights to be there....

Walk in beauty,
(that's a wrap)

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