Saturday, December 7, 2013

Remembering Pearl Harbor in the Winter Storm of 2013

As much of our country awoke this morning covered in snow, ice, frigid air across our lands, we also awake to remember a day that went down in history so long ago. Anyone have someone who was there, someone that was called to there? Remembering when "our colors do NOT run"... not then, not now. Thank you Veterans, then, since then, and now.

 On what has been described as just another day in a beautiful place, on a Sunday morning on December 7, 1941, the Japanese shocked the world by bombing the American naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

This horrid attack was the turning point for America and for the War. On December 8th, the nation was gathered around its radios to hear America's President Roosevelt deliver his Day of Infamy speech. That very same day, Congress declared war on Japan. 

On December 11, Congress declared war on Germany. WAR, young men lost their precious lives fighting for our country. Families lost their sons, grandsons, brothers sisters, friends and valued members of communities.
Over 3,500 Americans were killed or wounded in 2 waves of terror lasting 2 long hours. 350 aircraft were destroyed or damaged.

All 8 battleships of the U.S. Pacific Fleet were sunk or badly damaged - including the U.S.S. Arizona. However, all of America's aircraft carriers remained unscathed.

The sinking of the USS Arizona ended the story of the invincible battleship so they say. We are the USA,  our forces, our military the best in the world...

The slogan 'Remember Pearl Harbor' mobilized a nation to its feet. These colors "don't run".

Honoring, Remembering, Thanking those who served... Those who continue to serve, "salute".


Hello Winter of 2013 on this day many across our land have poured their coffee and dared to look out the window. May the Creator keep all from harms way, and warm as the country seems to be in arctic air, the snow and ice blanketing much of the country... Temperatures ranging from -35 wind chill in Wounded Knee to 1 degree in Colorado, to oh my goodness all across the lands!  I heard of this cold yesterday as I donned my flip flops, shorts and t-shirt... with pressure washer zooming I was sending warm thoughts for those 6 hours of washing the sidewalk and driveway.... water works galore like a kid gone mad on a sunny day!  Sending warmth thoughts and these sore muscles to all that will take them this day and the sincere hope that no one is shoveling with the same insanity that I found my self pressure washing!

As this weather is having its way with so many, let's hope that folks have enough sense to cuddle up inside; read a good book (Down The Hallway comes to mind), watch a good movie or pen a card or two.  Staying warm, or running out to throw a snowball perhaps or make a snow angel, lick an icicle then retreating back to the warmth of home.

Strong prayers going up for those who have to be out and about in home care, hospice care to get to the folks they care for, in the weather, on the roads.

And imagine those big trucks that have to keep on moving... Bread has to get to the store, the baked stuffs that everyone wants to be able to scent the house with for baking, What of those orders everyone makes with online shopping?

Oh yes, this winter storm is sure to affect deliveries that everyone is standing at the door tapping their feet waiting on.
Patience dear ones, patience is needed now... On the roads, in the stores and in your homes. Mostly within each of us, this is the time for patience, for kindness, for hope.

May you have a day that is magical, that is hopeful, that is warmth and filled with imagination, creativity and "fun".

Walk in beauty,

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