Monday, December 9, 2013

Remembrance, Light, Compassionate Friends, HOPE

The 17th annual worldwide candle lighting of Compassionate Friends was last night at 7pm. Once again I was honored to speak here at the Florida chapter where folks gathered as I visualized our globe being covered in light... 24 hours of bright light "so that their light may shine brighter", those children all ages, all causes all "gone too soon" from this earth.  

I have heard from folks around the country some that were iced in, snowed in, their chapters gathering cancelled because of weather. Those who lit candles in their homes at precisely 7pm some who stood outside in the darkest of nights to hold their candles up to the heavens. Some noticed the skies darkness and were amazed at the number of stars shining brighter than nights before.... wondering if those kids had created bigger openings to look down on us, or find a way to get back here for the holidays and warm or open hearts that have been closed to receive the gifts and the life that still burns within each of us to live bigger, better, and differently than before.

The slide show that was watched, the children's faces, the little ones, the teens, the kids; those who had hit "grown"..... their names all there as folks sat waiting to see, to absorb that moment when it was "theirs", honoring/remembering/seeing through different eyes all over again. Precious Child played as the pictures moved ... one could only hear collective breathing, a cry, a sigh, a Universal feeling of loss with a tinsel of hope.

Matthew Yarber... his parents there for the first time... gone too soon, from a rare brain disease known as Moya Moya. At the end of the service as folks met one another, they were approached by another couple... they too were there for the first time. It seems that Matt had gone to high school with this other couple's son years ago; they remembered his name, his build. Both couples, same high school for their kids, both kids now fill the screen of the Compassionate Friends local chapter, both couples standing with candles in their hands, both kids, "gone too soon."
Elizabeth Hover the infant, Dallas the infant, their tender photos there as precious child was played... the kids Joey, and others there, along with Frankie and handsome Duke, they were there, all gone too soon as parents, grandparents, siblings and a few tiny little children were there as well. The readings, the candles the energy was there, along with the spirits of those children as the evening moved on... It was palpable, it was filled with  messages. It was once again moving and a plea to each individual to stir the embers in their hearts to LIVE on in their best vision of themselves.

Many in their homes, lit those candles, they held up the night, the light, the hope in healing ways on that night that is now thought to be the largest mass candlelighting known around the globe.

Some have spent years talking about the fact that their is no name for parents who lose children... when a spouse dies one becomes a widow/widower... but no name for one who loses a child or grandchild. No "label" if you will.  As I looked at the people last night, as I was lost in the eyes of the kids on the screen it hit me, hit me where I live.

Of course there is no "new name, no label" there shouldn't be. there should be no confusion at all.

As I spoke to those there I reminded them; 
they are the parents, the grandparents, the godparents, the siblings of that precious child. that has not changed. They will always be that.
They do not need to boggle their brain wondering what they will now be called ...

Hearts that are connected in love cannot be separated by death; death is not that strong.

 Remembering, Honoring, Loving, Lighting the night as we remembering the children... as we also light the inner fire of self, so that the path is brighter within.

Many blessings to all as you walk into the holidays, may you find the gifts surround you each day both here and from the next place as angels visit ...

Walk in Beauty,


Anonymous said...

thank you for being YOU
for all you do for so many of us ~
yes indeed.. that sky last night was brilliant !! the energy and clarity
of the starlight was very powerful.
All of the children
gone too soon ~ it occurred to me that in fact, every lost loved one .. in spite of their age when they croseed ove to that next place.. each one was a cilg of somebody..
I know , especially at this time of the year.. I must embrace my memories with a simple spirit of peace and grace. I have been blessed beyond words to have had my child in my life , no matter that she has "gone too soon "...
Love never leaves.. ever.. love abounds in strength beyond any
explanation or understanding ~
Forever alive in each heartbeat.
Blessings to all who are journeying this same path !
Thank you again ..
sign me,
hugging my angels, ♥

Anonymous said...

** each one was a child of someone *
I guess a few tears were clouding my vision as I typed..
tears of happiness and gratefulness

Dot/Mom/Cob said...

Compassionate Friends, what a wonderful group of people world wide lighting candles for those who have gone much too soon. I had my precious baby brother almost 20yrs. old suddendly killed in a car wreck. Gone too soon with the memories of him always in my heart. My precious nephew gone to soon. Killed by a gun shot that we could never find out why or who. It is so sad to even watch the news these days with all of these young kids killed in a car wreck.etc. every day. I lit my candle and let it burn. I called and emailed friends to do the same. Thanks Dr. SES for all you do and all you say to help with this terrible pain. Blessings to all