Monday, December 30, 2013

Letting it Go

We are getting close to seeing the year end, another year drawing to a close. Whether we are ready to let go or not, it is drawing to a fast close. Once again the refrain of others is "I can't wait for 2014, and only hope it is better than 2013". Once again the song seems the same from the majority of folks who sang that song in 2012, waiting for the ball to drop on 2013 with the hope of a better year, the desire for the newness, the betterment of self or mostly others in their world.  It seems that is always the song, the music may change but the words are the same. "Just can't wait for the New Year, hoping for it to be better."

Interesting how that is... Makes a person wonder, what was wrong in the year we have just been through, where was the good times, that will now become a memory for those still walking this earth and those who have now joined the Ancestors and missed so here by so many who love them.

We seem to always want to look ahead, want things better than they are, or look back to when ... but do we miss the now of it? The mindful moments when we can make it the best of times in the hard times, the good times, the best of times within and around us in doing that? The questions, the answers that are often found within us. Have we lost the filter or ability to sit silently for a few moments, hours, days to "gnaw on it" as feelings rush through our brains, soul, body,  and nervous systems, before speaking or hitting send on emails, letters, Facebook and Twitter? We are a world of complexities, of reactions, feelings, each trying to live our lives and affected or infected with the thoughts, actions, words of others in our worlds. Each with the ability to pay it forward in small and large ways; in good or bad ways with each action, each thought, each word... We have a strong impact on others and reflect the best or worst on our children, on each other, on every living thing... from strangers we see on the street to each person we interact with.  We also have a responsibility in how we take in the thoughts or actions of others; in other words how much we allow them to affect us! Do their words resonate in our hearts? Our minds? Do they hold us up or diminish us, do they harm our emotional assets by their comments by judgments, by their own comparisons or their own needs?

Some give others too much room in their precious heads... that is a high rent district! It may serve you well to limit who you rent to there.  We each have our own wings, no one can clip them unless you sit still for that. Soar on, set your sights on where you choose to fly, OR just lift off because you can.

 "It doesn't matter what others think of you, what matters is what YOU think of YOU".

As this year draws to a quick close, it's time to let things go... let those things go that no longer serve you, those things that no longer feel right to you. Those things that are weighing you down, that are making you less than you are. It is a great time to make an inventory of what you choose to take with you into the New Year, beginning with attitude, with feelings, with desire, hope and the true idea of three things in relations with yourself and others.

1. Is it necessary
2. Is it true
3. Is it going to make things feel good to you or another

Pay it forward... more than a thought, more than a holiday, more than an event ... a lifestyle that anyone can adopt beginning with attitude, smile, desire.

And then of course, as life may have it... the world continues to spin, the tides roll in and they roll out. Feelings they come, they go... Life is like that. Some things remain the same, as do some people out there, patterns get set, habits get made, choices... And then again, some folks decide change is more than coins in the ashtray, or in a jar, or in your pocket... Whatever a person decides, it is their decision. However, it may serve well to remember... another persons' path is not your path, their decisions are not your decisions, their headache is not your headache, their thoughts not yours, their feelings and reactions not yours to feel nor deal with.
Some things best to let go as the year ends, some things to drop just as the ball prepares to drop bringing in 2014.\  A time of those resolutions... of diets, good will, stopping this and starting that, of unrealistic goals and those things that folks always do.

How about folks begin within... Take their own tylenol when their head hurts, remember the three things as they take a breath... pause for their own cause, then make it a point to remember to smile before sharing their words that will ring like a bell that cannot be unrung. The ball is getting prepared in NYC... are you preparing for the changes you want to see within in order to shine brighter in the New Year?  I wish you enough.

It will be a New Year, a year for each of us to do with as we decide, not a year to do it for us.

May you walk in Beauty

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Anonymous said...

Great blog as always and here is wishing you success this coming year with your newly published book and much happiness and joy which you so richly deserve.