Thursday, December 12, 2013

Music,Tinsel Grief Hope Holidays

"The connections that we discover sometimes defy logic. Logic however, is based primarily on linear human laws. In the matter of the divine, logical and linear thinking does not apply." Dave Roberts

I had a conversation this morning with a kind, gentle man; the father of Jeannine... "gone too soon". He filled my heart once again as we spoke briefly of the Compassionate Friends world wide candle lighting, he way up in NY... sharing the inspiration once again felt there in his community. The connection that is strong with the relationship now differently with his beloved daughter, the faith and spiritual connection that continues to build and grow feeding his love and his soul. A kind, gentle man he is, one that touches my heart.

Here in this time of the holidays, compassion kindness, music, tinsel and lights that color the darkness... Grief and hope seem to be strange bedfellows. The light is there within each of us only to be stirred from embers at times it seems. Music for the soul, feet to be moved into calls to action for peace, for purpose for kindness no matter the struggle, the battle, the difficulty. There is stress and joys mixed together at times clouding the wonder and magic of the season.

Time seems to go by so quickly, those moments that once were, now often etched in real or perceived memories heightened by song, by ornaments or hopes.  Snow covering the lands often remind others of times that were softer in so many ways, of memories that evoke a smile or laughter perhaps even a tear or twenty.

The hustle and bustle is on ... trees being picked with such care, or brought out from storage and puffed up as decorations are placed here there and everywhere.

Folks pausing as they exchange greetings wondering if the right greeting is the one they want to say... it seems more complicated these days.

Just for the moment, just for the now of it, it may be good to just go with what feels right, what feeds the soul in good ways. To feed the right wolf and nourish the soul.

It may be a great time to remember Dave's quote that started this blog today; to write it down and carry it in your pocket, put it on a post it note and refer to it often.
It is the time to remember that YOU defy logic and linear thinking often... when moving into and through the holidays; when walking through the grief or the music that moves you. The would ofs should ofs could ofs that seem to visit during the dark months of the year.

When we bear witness, when we care, when we get tied up in tinsel... it is easy to get wrapped up in the thoughts, the rational thoughts of feelings, emotions, and those of others.  Remember YOU, remember to take best care of you, as you walk YOUR walk... dance your dance with the music that only you can hear, feel... It is unique to only you, in your own light, your own way, your own path.

One way or the other, the holidays are here, the joy and cheer are upon us... The Elf on the shelf is being seen doing all sorts of things and those spirits of loved ones no longer with us will be surrounding us; if we are open to receive them...

 May your heart be open for hope, happiness, get joy and kindness in the days ahead.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

 Here's to hoping that you don't get your tinsel self tangled in emotions or traffic as you run from here to there along the way...

Many blessings 
Walk in Beauty

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