Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Chirstmas Eve ...

Here we are... Christmas Eve ... may those on the roads and at airports arrive or have arrived safely to where they are headed. May our Troops know our hearts are with them, they are in our prayers always as they continue to defend our freedoms wherever they are.

Christmas Eve; as many are still finding that special something or many someone's out on the roads and in stores battling for those deep discounts or last minute thoughts. Others are in grocery stores for the last minute shop, or the thing forgotten. Others are volunteering today, making more for those with less, some with a smile, some with a hot meal, others with clothing and still others with the gift of time here at the holidays.

Spreading cheer, good will, great tidings wherever they go.  Faith Communities are preparing for services to be held, for the community to gather. It is a most wonderful day and will be a most special night around the lands and across the seas.

Just last night it occurred to the Godson that today is Christmas Eve.. he was a bit shocked by it, being sick with a bug he looked rather perplexed. Thinking it was still a few days away.  I too felt the same surprise even though I knew the date! Funny how that seems to happen each year, knowing the date and still feeling surprised it has arrived so soon. The lights are shining, the gifts are under the tree, the jazzy of music and the movies of Christmas are playing... love and kindness in the air.
It is Christmas eve...

 Are you as surprised as ME?

Have a remarkable day out there on this 24th Day of December, sure hope you were good all year... and that Old Saint Nick will be stopping by tonight as he flies, making all those stops.

 i believe... 

Walk in beauty

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fluff said...

Hello Dr. Sherry and friends. Yes, it is Christmas Eve. How did it get here so quickly? Wishing you each a very special and wonderful time of joy with family and friends. Be safe out there and looking for the special celebration for tomorrow. /Sandy♥