Thursday, December 5, 2013

On The Radio with Scott Legere Live

I had the pleasure of doing "live radio" with Scott Legere yesterday once again. We went live from 4-6pm to the thousands of listeners to that "uncensored" station that talks about everything from sports to sex to politics and everything in between. I'm usually greeted at the door by two labs, GT and ACE, both just as sweet and beautiful as they can be. Yesterday little Ace was there as I walked in to Lege talking with those smooth pipes of his along with both the guys to someone on the other end of the interview. I was quietly welcomed with hugs and nods as the show continued. 

Ace welcomed me with the wagging tail and became more excited as I whipped out the xmas treat of a rawhide candy cane ... Oh yes, my first and biggest fan was excited. Dr Sherry was in the house!   A bit later Rick asked little Ace to thank me as I got down on all fours, and then it happened... Ace "headbutted me" gently with so much love I had to laugh, while making sure no one took that candy cane!

 It was just wonderful to join with all once again. The show has a majority of men listeners; Veterans, sports enthusiasts, men who like to "get into it" and who definitely "keep it real".  I've felt it a great honor to be asked on the show over the years, last night to talk about the release of "Down The Hallway the story of one woman's journey with Dissociative Identity Disorder along with grieving during the holidays. A full plate to "gnaw on" I knew.

I also knew that Lege had yet to read the book, and as we talked before the show, "catching up" he kept interrupting me saying "you are doing the show, save that for the show!"  I had to laugh, for I was just "shooting the breeze" with him... He is just too wonderful. He wanted to talk about other things, to bounce thoughts like shooting baskets; his mind is just like that, but in a hot second it was time to take our seats, adjust our headphones and we were live!

From talking of his sisters death less than a year ago, (gone too soon) to reincarnation, to guests that were recently there, to the love of doing live radio... ITWAS LIVE...
And Ace was as happy as happy could be with that candy cane laying in the middle of the floor!

It's time for "Dangerous Conversation" live with Lege. 

Scott Legere just flows with it; he opens by letting folks know what it is, whatever it is; he has no props in front of him nor scripts to read by. He lets his guys know who to contact who to aske to be on the show, he's a natural. He feels deeply about things he questions things, he changes the way that folks/men and woman may in fact process thoughts just by "being". 
He loves deeply, things often to much in his processing, but is just off the chain.

We delved into the mysteries of the brain, the essence of Down The Hallway. I watched his body change, his interest peak as he looked rather amazed at times. BUT he was wanting to know more although he kept saying, "Don't give away the ending"!

He was extremely funny as he tried to wrap his brain around the dimensions of multiple personalities, often the guys would jump in to the conversation as well. He began to see the book as a movie as so many others have also said as well.  That took him to a brand new track of wanting to know "who would play me as the radio guy that interviewed you, oh we have to think... "

From excerpts to personal questions of how it was for me to have walked with thousands in pain through the years, we moved into grief over the holidays. How to sit with "missing those we now think so strongly about"... We talked about men and grief, the differences between doing and being.

Our time together seemed to go so quickly there, even Lege commented on that. We were in it, that place where it gets tangled and dark. We seemed to bring it to the light though as we moved the energy, moved the ideas forward and the realization once again that "anticipation of an event/holiday is usually worst than the actual event/holiday".

I reminded Scott and listeners to "say their names" of those no longer here, to honor them with ritual. I watched as he said the name of those he loved, I saw his body change, he felt change, I saw his face, his eyes. He moved it himself, I was just there.

We had a powerful evening together live on RadioIo.

Take the step to embracce the light within you... Even if you are on your tiptoes, just take your steps...

Thanks to all ... because of you > I am more.

Walk in beauty


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