Friday, December 20, 2013

Let the Holiday Stress Begin....

Friday before Christmas... the excitement in the air... Preparations, joy, the music filling the senses, all it bright, all is right. All is right, right? Those runnings and doings and anticipations of great gatherings and love in the air?


Folks in good cheer, happiness in the air, people just doing what feels good to them as they move through their days wanting for others and hoping for Hallmark moments shared here and there and just everywhere? Right?  All is bright, all is...

Then a phone call... or maybe an encounter in a store, traffic, tinsel in a tangle... an altercation, a misunderstanding, nerves that get stepped on... feelings maybe hurt or hearts get bent... And OHhhhh

 Everyone has a moment, several moments, everyone gets in their "own place" of emotions/feelings of the now of it. Lessons and blessings get confused in the now of it, the stress of it, the want of it vs. the now of it.
Let the tinsel tangles begin. Save the Hallmark moments for the movies, for the cards as we do the best we can with what we have and savor what we hoped for in our thoughts and adjust our attitudes when we must.

Yep, that holiday stress and sometimes disappointments and the calls of others at times just take the tinsel and turn it into a rope that we need to remember to tie a knot at the end of.
HOLD ON TIGHT, it's the holidays!  Work hard to stay strong at your core and not melt, but stand strong, stand your ground, as you move through the days, savor the nights, making your own magic within your soul.

 Yes yes yes, at times it may feel like it's easier to just melt, to find refuge on the couch or under the covers.... But, if you do that, you will miss the wonder, the moments that are still good, that are filled with magic, meaning, the blessings that are yours to share and the gifts that are yours to give.

That ole' holiday stress, the grinch of it that sometimes tries to steal your joy, your peace of mind... Hearts that are good but at times upside down with the "me me's" although well intentioned... Turn it around, turn you around, wrap yourself a present if you want to!  DUCK if you need to in order to avoid the "splat" that may come your way! Find the beauty that surrounds you while standing strong in faith that is yours, in the joys and refrains that fill your heart with the season of blessings.

 Today's inspiration:

Be the joy you wish to see in the world... Laugh even if at yourself when that stress shows itself in your jaws, in your body, in the way you feel as the weekend approaches with tinsel shining, lights burning and the smell of winter in our lands.

Be the smile you hope to see on the faces of others while you are out and about.

Be the best version of YOU in all that you are and all that you do, while you teach others how to treat you by your own steps, words, actions today and each day of the year. 
If this day finds you feeling less... I wish you more!

 Now then, let the music play loudly, as you teach others to get their joy on... SMILE this could be what others see when they look at you.

Walk in beauty,

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