Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Bonnie Raitt a career that spans over 40 years, and she had a sold out house in Ruth Eckerd Hall on their feet screaming 'MORE'.... She was all that she has ever been and more, as she came back to play for another 30 or 40 minutes with passion, with the blues and a rendition of Angle of Montgomery that brought tears to my eyes and a heart that was overfilled... 

I have loved her music since "back in the day" the days when there were small juke joints and performers walked among the ones who enjoyed them so much in D.C.  She is one of the finest with her bluesy sound and that remarkable ability to play the slide guitar.  It was incredible watching her finger work and be absorbed in the sound of it all. When Bonnie takes her hands off that guitar, is lost in the music, her left hand seems to be in the air but those fingers are busy.. they move like they are still working the frets and money down she has no awareness of that. She is filled with spirit, she is sassy, she is on fire in the lights and in the moment of her music.

She was all that she has ever been last night, and more. After a 7 year break Bonnie has just released her new album and it is off the hook.
Something to talk about it is, something to listen to, get into, get lost by. 

Her musicians, from the guitar to drummer to that incredible man on the keyboards were stunning in their abilities, in their timing, in their own lights. When they came together... it was as magical as the sound man who's been with Bonnie 28 years, the lights that accented the moments that took the audience where the music and that voice led them... Amid the screams, the shouts of "Bonnie we do love you", she sang her songs, she moved her body in only a way the music would let her.

Between songs one of her guys would walk toward her with a different guitar, place it gently over her neck and take the last one to its place where many others stood as she talked with those of us there, as she laughed, and at the end as she was humbled by the standing ovations and the roaring thunder of applause.  She it seemed was as thrilled as everyone there.

I was able to "give her something to talk about" when she is on the road now ... A little something to "gnaw on" if you will. A Christmas gift of Down The Hallway just might give her something to do while on the bus to Louisiana as she rests her voice for the next leg of the tour!

Yes, Bonnie Raitt was"Burnin Down The House" , her voice was incredible, she was filled with her music from back when to right now!  If you ever have the chance to see her, just do it!

"Take My love with you" Bonnie Style, enjoy

Enjoy this day, listen to the music, dance, feel the strength that is within you...

Walk in beauty



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