Thursday, December 19, 2013

Are YOU... feeling the holiday spirit?

Decorating to Christmas Music
while the world is on the roads, going here there and everywhere!

Are you feeling the Holiday spirit? Finding yourself caught up in the great movies and shows on t.v. now that pull you into the Hallmark moments of holidays?  Or are you among those who are frantically filling the stores looking for the special something for someone or someone(s) to hopefully surprise and delight them this year?

Many are now feeling the pressure of it being close ... so close to family arriving, to faith communities gathering for the annual gatherings, the traditions and rituals that will be in the air. The grocery stores are stocking up for the mad rushes and dashes in and out, buggies brimming as folks enter with lists in hand... oh yes It's almost time for that mad dashes if they are not already going strong.

Has the giving bug gotten hold of you yet? Giving of your kindness, your gentleness, your goodness, your best self to others? tis' the season!

The most magical time of the year!  As I sat last night in the darkness, I heard the loudness of a siren, followed by "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer" from a speaker... As I went to the front door, what did my wondering eyes behold?
SANTA on the top of the Tarpon Springs Fire Truck that was covered completely in Christmas lights slowly coming down the street!
He was waving and the music blaring, the lights so bright... yes oh yes, the most magical time of the year indeed!

A time for great surprises, great joys and joyous noise... a time for creativity, wonder, enthusiasm.

Doesn't everyone put a trail of lights on the floor looking like a little train to the surprise of surprises for another leading to it? Or is it just me? LOL... it was a grand time I have to tell you... from the doorway throughout the house a trail of lights, just those wonderful lights leading to the surprise at the end... "walk this way" they seemed to say!

We all have the imaginations and creativity to do what we want, if we want, when we want. Just cos' we can.  The holiday stress that has risen to such fame seems to be something that folks grab onto just as the idea of Black Friday. It has become a tradition, a ritual of sorts. Yes we all feel the stress of the holidays, many of us feel those "ole grief triggers".. and often if we point the trigger in a direction (of say the ocean or mountain) and let it go... it will do just that in a good way. Letting us know, reminding us of the connection that is all ways there with us allowing us to shine brighter, burn hotter, live fuller than ever before.

As you each step into this Thursday may you walk taller, stand stronger, feel the magic within you and look for the goodness in all things while being your best self in all you do.

Filter well those negative things that you see, hear, witness. Stop before you speak remembering that you too will be heard, felt, absorbed into the Universe and in the soul of another.  Might just change your views, blink your eyes, take a breath and go again... cos' it's a sparkly time of the year!

 I wish you enough.

Walk in beauty

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