Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday the 13th!

We can now officially begin the countdown and sing the song... It is 12 days until Christmas!

Where oh where has the year gone is the refrain of so many if they take the time now to ask the question... or it just may be that now everyone is just as busy as the busytails in doing and going and getting things together for the holidays that they don't have a second to wonder about this year coming to a close!

 No no say it ain't so... a year about to close out, things to do, looking at the babies now almost grown.... when did we blink?  Oh the joys, the tears, the heartaches of time in remembering the laughter, the sights of surprise and delight along the way!

Now hearing that photos are "stupid", grins hard to get, having to beg for the smile while grabbing on to those "Hallmark moments" or having to hold tight to what once was in reflection of photos treasured in time never again to be updated or captured again.

Its' countdown to Christmas, time to pull out those CD's tapes and to trim the trimmings if there are still things to do... Who am I kidding there are always things to do! At least for me and mine here, it's ritual, it's tradition, it's good for the circulation and the brain.  At times the busy is good to move the emotions of times and stories heard; those stories that weigh on the heart that have to move through you to make space for the happiness and joys.

Just as a media black out is necessary for the soul, so is a story time of not taking in the bad or the sad... we all  must walk with our own stories, our own memories at times of the holidays while gathering our resources, much like the bushytails are doing these days. GAthering... running here and there, gathering for the cold months.  A time for quiet, a time for restoring, a time for rejoicing and gathering... a season of so many things.

12 days until Christmas.

Right here on Friday the 13th, ~ 12/13/2013 ~

It is beginning to look, feel, smell a lot like Christmas ... the most magical time of the year!

May you find all that you need within you to light the light within that burns brightly to everyone you see or speak to.

Walk in beauty,


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Anonymous said...

and Thanks for your inspiring words today.. hmmm, friday the 13th ??

I'll be walking under ladders, finding cuddle time with a black cat or two and most definitely chasing butterflies and rainbows..
12 days until christmas ??
yikes I guess I'd better start
thinking about holiday plans.. no worries though, still have 12 days..
procrastination is a virtue !! wonderful day to all,
sign me, ♥