Wednesday, December 2, 2009

~ Blue Moon ~

This month not one ...
but we get blessed with
Two Full  Moons

I'm thinking the moon is is looking like it might just burst with excitement of being so full...  whew, I'm thinkin I know that feeling! Poor moon and to think it has to be like that way up there too... At least I get to sit down although I have been feeling "over the moon" quite consistently of late!
So that means... on the 31st of December, 2009 we will be experiencing a  "BLUE MOON"...

You know, every once in "a  blue moon", and "just once in a very blue moon" ... I am forgetting the many and wonderful expressions that I have heard through the years and the songs sung!  "Blue Moooonn"; remember that one? Oh my voice isn't the best yet; it's too early for singing I guess!  OK, perhaps a legend to start your day is a better idea...

Long ago, Snoqualm, or Moon, was chief of the heavens. One day he said to Spider, "Make a rope of cedar bark and stretch it from the earth to the sky."
Soon Fox and Blue Jay found the rope and climbed up it. Late at night they came to the place where it was fastened to the underside of the sky. Blue Jay picked up a hole in the sky, and the two of them crawled through.
Blue Jay flew to a tree, and Fox found himself in a lake. There he changed himself into Beaver. Moon had set a trap in the lake, and Beaver got caught in the trap. Next morning Moon took Beaver out of the trap, skinned him, stretched his skin out to dry, and threw the body into a corner of the smokehouse.
The next night Beaver waited until Moon was asleep and snoring loudly. Then he got up, took his skin from the place where it was stretching, and put it back on. While Moon was still snoring, he examined the house and the sky world.
Outside he found a great forest of fir and pine and cedar trees. He pulled some of them up by their roots and then, with his spirit powers, made them small enough to carry under one arm. Under his other arm he put Moon's tools for making daylight. He took some fire from below the smoke hole, put ashes and leaves and bark around it, and carried in one hand. He found the sun hidden in Moon's house and carried it away in his other hand.
Then Beaver found the hole Blue Jay made, changed himself back to Fox again, and went down the rope to the earth. There he gave the fire to the people. He set out the trees. He made the daylight. He set the sun in its place so it would give light and heat to all. The people were happy because of the things Fox brought from the sky.
By this time Moon had awakened. When he found the beaver skin gone and the sun stolen, he was very angry. He knew that one of the earth people had tricked him. Noticing footprints around the house, he followed them to the top of the rope Spider had made."I'll follow him to the earth world," Moon thought.
But as he started down, the rope broke. Both Moon and rope fell down in a heap and were transformed into a mountain.
Today the peak is called Mount Si. The face of Snoqualm, Moon, can still be seen on one of it's rocky walls. The trees which Fox brought down from the sky and planted have become the great forests of the Cascade Mountains

You can almost be sure that most legends of moon seem to involve a blue jay... hmmm guess that blue moon goes back many many moons eh?  Have a blessed day! Do something random today; make someone smile just because YOU CAN

Sending prayer across the wind that L & M and Grandma are doing well and that Auntie Sharon find her way to Heaven while the moon is full and hope that the ancestors will come for her, reaching out to her gently leading her peacefully home with the brightness of the full moon this week, while its beauty giving all here the strength that they need to stand; its power giving them strength to let go when the time is right. Aho!~I wish you enough,

Walk In Beauty


Irene said...

Ah ! such a nice story this morning

From the " moon" child : Irene

Linda Ann Ricci, Flower Essence Practitioner said...

Funny thing...I was going to request that you retell the legend of the blue moon...but I figured you would without my asking. LESSON: You do not always need words to make requests.
The song Blue Moon can be listened to via YOU TUBE and I think it appropriate for those grieving..." You left me standing alone..."
♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫

Vicki said...

Another beautiful post today!
Hope things are going your way!

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr. SES, How can I thank you for the gentle yet strong thoughts for my Dearest Sweetest Auntie, she IS comfortable, she is nearing the light of love and peace, but as strong as she was in full life, she is yet strong enough to say "yes" that she is comfortable,and "no" that she has no pain. If only my heart could say that... and be that strong. I thank you.