Monday, December 14, 2009



They came last night... in New Port Richie Florida and all across our world; parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, neighbors... they came to remember and to light their candles. Those who didn't come, but knew of the event were at home; ready with their candles and they lit them at 7:00pm; they sent their prayers, their thoughts across the winds to the children and to those who love them. Asking for strength, for hope, for peace as the holidays approach... hoping for healing in heartaches, vision through the tears made easier by the light.

The ceremony was lovely; the candles powerful, the pictures of the children moving. It is interesting that this year I noticed something that I never noticed before. I spoke about it at the end when I did a reading and offered words on Visions of Hope...
Each picture shown had threads of one common and beautiful thread consistently showing itself to me during that presentation. The background music was beautiful; a song titled "Precious Child".

The thread of connection from the tiniest baby on an incubator with a remarkable twinkle in her eye to the oldest child with a sparkle in his eye... each had a look of having loved and been loved in their lives, captured by their eyes; their smiles and some by the trickster grins caught on film. It took my breath away for a moment as I realized the message that I was being given there among all those who were waiting eagerly for one more moment on this special night; one more glimpse in that room full of people to view their child and see their name flash on the screen. Life like a firefly in the night.... gone too soon.

So when I spoke to this group of special people, gathered together for this most sacred gathering, I had to weave my discovery into my talk; assuring them that it was not by circumstance that these photos spoke so  clearly to me and so consistently with their messages of "visions of hope through the lights of heartaches". The messages were clear... These children had loved and been loved. The love they were given by those in that room was enough, those in that room needed to remember those looks on the children and those eyes and hold that in their hearts. YOUR BEST IS GOOD ENOUGH.

What would your loved ones want you to be doing as this holiday approaches this year?  How would they want you to be remembering them? With sadness in your heart; or gladness in your soul?  Rather than mourning was is no longer, perhaps the message is to rejoice that it happened at all!!!

Thank-you for a remarkable evening of healing, heartaches, tears and krumpled kleeenex as we lit the world while remembering the children; all gone too soon.

Blessings to you and those you love. Next year, the second Sunday in December Compassionate Friends will gather and do it all over again... Have your candle and match stick ready!

Walk In Beauty!

author of Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss & Life

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