Friday, December 4, 2009

This is My Baby Gypsy!
She rests for me while I am "Over The Moon"

Good morning on this 4th Day of December! It's Friday...  Hopefully orders are making the wireless connections of
sing as folks order their autographed copies... As for me, still over that huge and filled moon! Hope you all got to witness its beauty; quite a sight indeed! I usually get phone calls from the little kids and family asking if I am lookin at the same moon and we admire its beauty together... hope you were joining us!

Today I am soaring on the big bird (plane) to Charlotte this mornin! Soon as this posts I think; so let me give you a thought for the day....

Perhaps since yesterday was a reminder of passion with that photo I took of the passion flower; (gave a copy of that to a Director of Hospice on Tampa Road in Florida, Tim A.)

This morning i will hopefully leave you not only a sweet picture of Gypsy but a gift of hope to hold on your journey.. This gift is from the words of a Tewa Elder speaking on life and death in 1959:

"What I am trying to say is hard, to tell you is hard and hard to understand.. unless, unless... you have been yourself at the edge of the Deep Canyon and have come back unharmed. Maybe it all depends on something within yourself ~~ whether you are trying to see the Watersnake or the Sacred Cornflower, whether you go out to meet death or to seek life.
It is like this; as long as you stay within the realm of the great Cloud Beings; you may indeed walk at the very edge of the Deep Canyon and not be harmed. You will be protected by the Rainbow and by the Great Ones. You will have no reasons to worry and no reason to be sad. You may fight whatever you may fight and if you can meet them with a heart which does not tremble, the fight will make you stronger. It will help you attain your goals in life; it will give you strength to help others; to be loved and liked and to seek life."

It is quite funny how much we talk and think alike isn't it!!!

I hope you will continue to look for hope, strength and the healing power of rainbows on your journey while knowing there is indeed a time to rest and say, "whew, can I rest now?!"

Walk In Beauty!

author of Healing Heartaches

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