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It's Wednesday morning December 16th, 2009... and here I sit running through my mind! Oh so much to do; so many things yet to accomplish... but wait! I have coffee to drink and memories to savor this morning... like this photo of my granddaughter Olivia having her first experience of "room service" during one of my visits to the D.C. area! Yep, another first with Nana... and the bear, well that was an honored guest! You see, we made that very bear on that trip; not just any bear mind you, but that very bear has not one... but three hearts!!!

Yes, three hearts ... one for Nana, One for Olivia and one for Mommie Joan... So there you go; the bear named, NOJ; created and given three hearts seen in the photo having the first experience of room service with my girl at the Embassy Suites Hotel at Tysons' Corners Virginia!!! A strong bear to be sure, one of great protection for my girl indeed.

Now you may wonder why I am sharing this information with you this morning... and then again you may not... however it has indeed led me to a short reminder of my wandering in my Christmasy mind of sorts, here 9 days before Christmas morning.  In my book, Healing Heartaches you will discover stories involving bears, children, moving magical moments, memories and even the Embassy Suites Hotel... but I don't want to spoil it for you! Let it suffice to say, I find even I am surprised by the connection of this mornings blog; the photo and the recent release of Healing Heartaches  ~~~

Body-Mind-Spirit Connection once again bringing the circle around to show that there is that interconnectedness to all things that are, that have been and ever will be. Life is precious as are our memories. I truly hope that you are having moments in your busy days when you can or will make yourself just be still and enjoy whatever moment you find yourself in. Allowing yourself the luxury of remembering and holding near those treasures that you find in your heart singing to you to remember.  Know that there are often painful times during the holidays; honor that pain, allow it and then move on through your holiday. Know that you are a survivor.

The holidays are really in full force now... have you noticed?  The pace is faster; the stores are busier, people are getting that "look in their eyes"...  It is now really the time for self-care!
  • Embrace the Holidays, they're here anyway!
  • Eat
  • Drink water
  • Balance social activities with times of solitude
  • Be careful with cocktails as in... Don't drink too much!
  • Exercise (yes, it pains me to admit this, but it is important)
  • Sleep
  • Only do those things that bring you joy!
  • Limit what you can reasonably do in a day!
  • Have FUN!!!
  • When worried about what to make for dinner... Make Reservations !!!
  • If your guests want breakfast in bed, suggest they sleep in your kitchen
  • Show them where glasses and food are stored one time, then allow them to "make themselves at home"
  • Remember "Hallmark Moments" are just that "moments"!
  • Laugh Often
  • Play
  • Learn to say No!
  • Remember the good times
  • Cherish the Memories of times past

Walk In Beauty

author of Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss & Life


Irene said...

Ah ! Room service, what a great story within
your words today.
Breathe ! Read the book, Breathe !

Linda Ann Ricci, Flower Essence Practitioner said...

I am becoming less surprised at the timing of these blogs. After reading all about Bearly Bear in Healing Heartaches and posting a comment/link....I made the decision to take the very last bear my husband had given me to a long day of testing. Bears are not just for kids...we adults can bare our souls to our bears. Bear-With-No-Name stuck his head out of my tote bag and a dozen of us ranging from very young to quite old all had a day full of friendship and sharing as we talked about being radioactive for the day...we looked at each other's IV sites, made jokes, talked about our physical and emotional hearts. None of us had ever met before...but Bear-With-No-Name helped the conversation flow. It was easier for a woman to the left of me to say..."My your bear must be starving." The very youngest in the room, a child, said, "Your bear must be very scared." Now, If I had not read all about Bearly Bear, it would have never occured to me to unpack the final gift from my husband and bring him to this appointment. ( did I bring the bear or my husband's spirit...) Every one of us has a good heart, sometimes they just need a bit of fine tuning. I do wince when I read "the Holidays are coming,"....Bear and I have decided to call the Holidays...Holy Days.
Thanks for the photo....I never had room service in my life and it is on my list of new things to do. Many thanks & many Blessings...

Vicki said...

Great blog again today Sherry...
Olivia sure is a pretty girl!