Wednesday, December 9, 2009


An Evening At Tiffany's In Palm Harbor FL
A Donelewega
Greater Circle of Community

 Wow... we had a powerful evening in Palm Harbor FL last night~ a wonderful turn out to celebrate Healing Heartaches! A wonderful turn out of the community; a time of fellowship like the days of yester-year; people coming together, meeting each other some for the first time, but leaving with a sense of kinship, a sense of community stronger than before. Laughter filled the room and krumpled kleeenex were found on the tables as tears were shed during the Donelewega as I talked about Surviving The Holidays in The Winter of Your Grief...

The ending ritual was ever so moving and even more joyous evoking laughter, tears and power... We formed a circle, held hands and together with voices strong, we combined a tradional song with a few new words to make a Dr Showalter rendition of "He's Got The Whole World In His Hands"!!!!

And the energy of our community and the Universe filled the room along with the energy of those who had passed on making their spirits known right there in those precious moments.  OH my dear hearts, it was a powerful night indeed. I wish you could have all been with us!

My dear chiropractor was there after his day of treating patients bringing in their "toys for tots" to put under his tree! Folks I hadn't seen in ages came, volunteers for hospice came; members of our community came, folks there to enjoy a meal found their way into our space and came; folks who saw the sign announcing the event came... and they came... And my dear friends Laura and Mitch with heavy hearts grieving Auntie Sharron on the eve of her funeral, they came. My neighbors Sandy and Stewart they even came! 

And today, Laura and Mitch just dropped in to purchase yet another copy of Healing Heartaches on the way to the funeral of Auntie Sharron for one of the doctors that cared for Auntie Sharron. Laura showed me the many copies that she has already purchased for the folks at Tidewell Hospice who cared for Auntie, having me write a special message to each one for the excellent care that they provided to her. She had wrapped each one with raffia ribbon giving it that "Indian touch" and said she signed them a special message on the back page of the book as well.  She's tearful, a bit shaky... but she is a strong young woman with a heart of gold and after all she IS her auntie's blood... she will find the strength, she will find her warrior within... she will remember her dolphin spirit and breathe and remember the playfulness and the legacy of Sharron will remind her to be what she needs to be in the days to come. But for today, her heart will be heavy, her tears will flow and that is good. I whet my breath and will cry from my heart for her and the family.

And today I send all of you blessings for a day of wonderment, of joy and hope that you are filled with memories that sustain and opportunities of new and exciting moments.

Walk In Beauty.

author of Healing Heartaches

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So happy for you!