Thursday, December 24, 2009


It's Christmas Eve
The Tree is decorated!

Hard to believe... but here it is, Christmas eve morning. The house is quiet, all is still and all is well with the world inside the walls I like to call home. Whew... and how are you this morning?

I'd like to think morning has found you well; stretching from a good night's sleep; up and ready to greet your day! It's an interesting, fun and exciting day and evening to be sure...

Senate Democrats on Wednesday voted in a show of unity in the face of intense GOP opposition to cut off a bitter debate on their version of President Obama's health insurance overhaul, setting up a final passage vote on Christmas eve.
The Senate voted 60-39 to advance the legislation to the finish line with a final passage vote scheduled for 7 a.m. ET Thursday, the first Christmas eve vote since 1895, according to a Senate historian.
Now isn't that just something? haha  And to think; I thought it newsworthy that this year I got a "live Christmas tree"!!!
You can now track Santa on  which I find fascinating and plan to check on periodically through the night! You can follow Santa in six languages now on the computer or have updates sent to your cell phone... this is very important information to know... particularly on such a special night!
The reindeer are on the ready: so given that they are stars in the show of Santa getting where he is headed (to my house of course!), let me introduce you to the reindeer totem!
The reindeer is a family-oriented totem, skillful in communication and varied social activities. This totem is a born-leader and reminds us to welcomes any opportunity to guide others in his herd into new directions.
Reindeer has an innocent demeanor and is helpful to friends and family both those of blood and of choice.
This totem teaches us how to adapt to community concerns, while being receptive to the needs of others . "All for one, and One for all" could easily be the motto for this totem. If a reindeer makes its appearance in your life; the lesson may very well be that it is time for you to step up and take an active role in caring for the herd.
If you have become isolated it may be asking you to take on a leadership role in getting everyone to work as a team. Or, if you currently have a domineering role, you may need to look and see if you are overshadowing others with your ideals and in that case perhaps take a more relaxed pace; allowing others to take the lead.
Reindeer totem shows us guidance as primary role. Be a kind and helpful teacher, not a bossy one.
It is little wonder that Rudolph (who would be categorized with other mystical totems) with his beacon red-light nose was chosen by Santa to guide his team of reindeer into the foggy Christmas Eve night.
Look around you, look within... ....
HO HO HO ....
Walk In Beauty!
Christmas Eve Blessings from the author of:
Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss & Life


Angie said...

Merry Christmas Eve Cuz....I sure miss you and the family~~~
Love ya

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Dr. Showalter. Your tree is very beautiful, as is your heart.
Blessings to you and yours.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas ~ Surely Santa will spot your tree. You did manage to get some of us in the Christmasy spirit. Your photos and your blogs are a true gift to many.
Christmas Blessings to all.

Vicki said...

Merry Christmas Sherry to you and your family!
Love your tree! Have a blessed day!