Monday, December 7, 2009


Ah, it's Monday, but we had a fantastic week-end in Charlotte!
The family drove from Virginia; I flew from Florida and together we celebrated the released of Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life~ We celebrated Infinity Publishing, we celebrated Granny... We laughed like there was no tomorrow and shared treasured memories. We had pillow fights and we made new memories. Did I mention the silliness, dinner, the cold weather and the sounds of laughter? Granny's family just having a grand old time together to be sure~  I'm sure we heard her laughter a time or too as well. They treated us quite well at the Sheraton and the boys even took the plunge into the pool before finding out that something was wrong and the heater wasn't working! Not to be deterred they swam anyway and then ran for the hot tub to warm their frigid bodies.  Ah, sweet memories were made over the week-end.  I hope that your weekend was great as well.

We parted ways on Sunday; me for the airport, the fam back to snow in Virginia. Today my Godsons' back to school, Angie back to the Nursing Home to work. Mom and Linda probably delivering those autographed copies of Healing Heartaches to those that ordered them before settling in to begin reading theirs!

I arrived at the airport and amazingly as I walked through the magic gate of TSA the alarms blared the warning... oops! I had to do it again; and again and again... oops!  This time I was taken aside and asked if I had coins in my pockets! Drats... I meant to give those shiny quarters to Kamryn before we parted. OK, I put them in the tray and tried it again. Nope, not the coins. OK, this time the lady got out the trusty wand. Beep Beep Beep... I laughed, others stared. Crap, I had given away all my business cards for Healing Heartaches so that they can order the book... Missed opportunities.

Then she asked if I would like a private room for her to search me! hahaha  REALLY?  "Oh no" I replied.  I want us to do this right here for the world to see this! Keep in mind, I am still laughing, this was funny. She asked me if I was sure....  "Absolutely" I said. Of course I went on to tell her I was wearing the same clothes except for the t-shirt that I had worn just two days ago including my jewelry when I flew to Charlotte from Tampa. Only change was I had showered in Charlotte water with Charlotte soap! Maybe it was the water...Now I have 3 TSA folks around me. 2 smiling; 1 with the wand.. not so sure.  So the search began.  BEEP BEEP BEEP.

Well of course I had to tell them about Healing Heartaches Infinity Publishing and they could order it at and then they told me they were going to touch me, to life my arms straight and was I SURE that I didn't want a private area for this to be done. I just laughed and said, nope I'm good here! That's when I decided to let them know I was a first responder at 9/11 and I appreciated what they do; knowing it has to be a hard job sometimes; told them all about my week-end; just knew that they would want to know how much fun I had in Charlotte. That beeper seemed to alarm each time they went across my heart space. Isn't that funny?  Then I shared with them the "heart work" I have done all of my life, and oh by the way... I have had open heart surgery and they used wire to stitch me up! Maybe all the love and laughter made those wires sensitive over the weekend.  Well at this point all the TSA agents were laughing; one had written down; one had thanked me for serving at 9/11, one just shook his head and said no-one had ever been so nice when having to be searched.  Well when all was said and done, they found no threat (except me talking and laughing).

They wished me well, and I sort of tried to re-dress best I could and then find my gate.  OK, it gets funnier. I get to my gate and we're told the plane will be a bit delayed as the overhead compartment has a problem. But they have ordered the part and will fix it and as soon as that is done, we will board!  Whew, people got grumpy with that news....

So 30 minutes later we board.  Wouldn't you just know it. The overhead compartment was right over my seat. 6E. When I approached it I got just hysterical laughing. As I went to throw my bag overhead I saw the part we had been waiting for.

I was howling.  And so it was good. I got home safely. heehe with a story to share, many memories to hold.
And so I will tell you during this month of high stress it may help to know a few tips to take care of you:

  • Laugh Often
  • Know that you are a Survivor
  • Do Not Take Tylenol For Anyone Else's Fever
  • Change Traditions if It makes YOU feel Better
  • Balance Solitude with Sociability
  • Tell your Stories
  • Create New Memories
  • Allow YOU to "let go"
  • Confront the quiet
  • Try to remember their are others in your world, try to make it a good, no GREAT holiday for those around you. LISTEN to them, share your world and theirs.
  • Experience grace
  • Set yourself free from judgment
  • Love yourself and others

Walk In Beauty

for your autographed copies of Healing Heartaches Stories of Loss and Life  Infinity Publishing


Irene said...

Morning Sherry: as usual, a comical story about
your travels & life.............
Enjoyed it very much IRM

Linda Ann Ricci, Flower Essence Practitioner said...

Yes, a comical story...yet it brought tears to my eyes. I've been pondering what "Walk in Beauty" actually means. Sherry's walk through TIA after the beeper went a clear example of walking with beauty, grace, and holding one's head high...almost enjoying the adventure and opportunity to connect with others. Personally, it inspires me to "walk with beauty" as my cardiologist wants to see me for the 3rd time in a week this afternoon. Scary...but I will "walk with beauty." Glad Healing Heartaches is on it's way via nice message from pay-pal. My friends want to make sure the print is big enough before they order their copies. Thanks for letting us leave's good to tell our stories as well as listen to other's stories.

Angie said...

Wow, I wish i could have been at the airport w/ya!! I would have said "Why not do a strip search!!"
Everyone at work asked about my weekend and one co-worker was walking w/me and she said "I can tell by the smile on her face she had a great weekend and I also saw her pics on FB!!"
Thanks again for an amazing weekend. One that will go down in my memory book of being the best in a long time!!
Luv you cuz and I am loving the book~~

Vicki said...

Sherry, Only you would go through all that in the airport laughing!! LOL
I am happy to hear you had such a great time. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night..