Saturday, February 27, 2010

HOPE IN WINTER~Heaing Heartaches Ways & Thoughts of an Author

Sniffin' For the Beauty In The
Brilliance of Life

Saturday, rainy morning in Florida ~ The four-leggeds are celebrating the wonderment of their morning by running around a "slippery lanai" and have the best morning, as I watch with amusement and coffee once again through the eyes of "oh please don't fall in the pool"!

Ever notice that in the midst of winter and this years "extended and you've over stayed your welcome snow" that nothing is quite as bedraggled and beaten down as the gardens... they show no real promise of tomorrow, only wilted brown and frost-bitten leaves and branches. There is not a hint of color, no greening's to be found. Looks like it will never be different; looks like things will never change... Ah, but the Cherokee knows the difference and sometimes so do others!
Long before the winter, in the seasons of warmth and plantings, we sow the best seeds we can. As tiny and insignificant as they may appear then, they will produce. Just as my friend Tink, she would tell you! When the best is planted with loving care and intention, cared for and watered; the time will come to see the increased, to witness a miracle indeed.

I am beginning to hear from others about these miracles; yesterday I hear that daffodils are greeting folks in the mid-west, poking their tender little heads of promise out through the snow! I am seeing that my Jasmine is saying, "the cold didn't get me, I'm still here, ready to wow you with my fragrance once again, be patient with me".
I'm hearing from others who say, "the purple of the crocus is finding its way through the snow DRSES, and what promise it brings that spring is coming"!
"The butterfly bush made it, spring is on its way".
Now I know it is suppose to be 70 degrees for a butterfly to fly, to find its way... But yesterday, while holding those who have died tragically, suddenly in prayer and ceremony... I was here, right here on the lanai, and the birds were just yapping, seemed to be wanting my attention and it was cold... I looked to the side, and there on the the very side of the Lanai, was ....
A BUTTERFLY.  it was NOT 70 degrees.

Life can and will be restored and renewed. Beauty is all around us; things will change, sometimes we have to stretch to find it, bury our heads deep in the moment the need to smell it, to be at one with it; to want it.
YES, sometimes just as with 9/11, just as with the Tsunami, just as with Haiti... we have to do a media black-out to rest our thoughts, our minds, our hearts.

Sometimes we have to ask/demand/plead with others:
STAND DOWN out of respect and honor.
There are indeed times that it may appear that things will never change... but they will. HAVE FAITH, BELIEVE, HOPE, WANT IT, SEE IT, RECEIVE IT,

Plant your good words, your good memories, plant good seed. Then nurture all, nurture with warmth, with intention, with caring and truth; healing and attention. If you will allow yourself and choose to become a perennial believer and look for the warmth of belief, of friends and sunlight; you will awaken your garden to the season of the green corn. You will see and be the change.
You will experience the brilliance of the world,
the intensity of all that is within you and the colors and sounds in the world.
You will join me in experiencing the amazing grace of the perseverance of the human spirit while dancing in the rain, laughing on the wind, and embracing every moment of this thing we call life.

OK, now for the question...

Did we talk about gardens in Healing Heartaches?
Who is my friend that can design a beautiful landscape and would that he could I would have him/her design a landscape of memories and grief? haha

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing...
Choose to do it well; smile, laugh, sing out loud ~

Know that spring is coming ~

Thanks Tink for planting your seeds with such loving care for the caterpillars and the beautiful butterflies that will enjoy them so much once again this year~

Take Best Care of you.


author of Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss & Life


Linda said...

Before reading this blog, I already had plans to go shopping for garden supplies with someone. Those big heavy planters and bags of soil are heavy. NOW - those plans were made last night before reading your question about Taft and his magical gifts with landscapping. Found out we can root things indoors till they are READY for the outdoors. Sometimes our grief must root inside before it is ready to go outdoors and mingle with other plants. Gardening - I miss the sandy Florida was so easy dig in. Now, I have really red, hard soil. It is very hard to dig in this clay-like soil...BUT!!!! I can grow Pussy Willows and things that I could not grow In Florida.
Florida gardens full of Hibiscus and Birds of Paradise, and sweet Jasmine are breathtaking, but sometimes, due to circumstances ( like hard clay ) you need to plant a different garden. Off to shop with a little help from my Friends. Thanks for including Taft!

DrSES said...

HA HA HA .... spirit speaks and travels on the winds....


Blessings and great nurturing indeed

Love pussywillows, evokes wonderful memories...

Greeings to all in Apex NC

Anonymous said...

Beautiful images within todays blog. Thank you for the reminder that this cold too shall pass and the spring will re-green with the warmth of spring. I for one am ready. Longer days, sunshine, ah... it's all just right around the corner.

Irene said...

I posted a very long and involved comment
and the darn internet erased it.
Can't recall in such detail what I said.
Sorry, folks, it's all gone.
I can smell spring !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thans Dr. SES for the beautiful thoughts of butterflies and spring and the hope for tomorow, and yes, Taft can plant it with a great sense of beauty!! I have seed, I even have a couple of caterpillars that I am waiting to emerge...but they won't yet, my friend says they'll just hang out (pardon the pun!) til it warms, guess that's what I'll have to do as well til this weather breaks! As much as I enjoy the fact that it's staying lighter 30 seconds more per day, I can not wait for 2 weeks when we get to have Daylight Savings time again! Because it is much better in the light than in the dark...Although, like seeds you have to be in the dark to take root and grow, and bloom, and blossom! So yes my friend, the seeds are planted, the caterpillars await them, you and I await the butterflies, and the miracle of life transformed, within ourselves, and the beauty of life! P.S. Heard the eagles today, they have a nest nearby, maybe the babies have moved out on their own! Thoughts of all who have had such tragic loss, no one is immune! We're ALL in this together! Love, Tink

Anonymous said...

HOw do those teeny tiny itty bitty seeds buried in darkness, find their way to the light?

Anonymous said...

The light warms the soil, the seed bursts, the plant begins to grow. Seems like an impossible task. Everything starts out so small and fragile, barely green,then takes off. Like a little miracle over and over.